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What Make You Change Your Life Direction My Way Of Developement - Essay Example

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Newton's First law of Motion states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion in the same direction unless acted upon by an extenal force. Tell me about external influence ( person, an event , ect) that effected you and how it caused you to change direction"
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What Make You Change Your Life Direction My Way Of Developement
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Extract of sample "What Make You Change Your Life Direction My Way Of Developement"

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It is irrefutable that our actions and decisions are largely influenced by our passions and motivations which, in turn, are developed through our experience. At one point in my life, I have seen how certain circumstances significantly shape my viewpoint and interest. I have learned that external factors do not necessarily change me but only reveals a part of me which I was never aware before.

As a young child, I have always been interested in extending my knowledge and skills to other people through teaching. Recognizing that the new era emphasizes the integration of nations into a single global village with English as the primary language, I have been instilled with the determination and courage to cross the cultural and geographical barrier in order to pursue a TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) certification in the United States via the UCI Extension Program. I have originally planned to use the knowledge that I have acquired from the program in South Korea and this means establishing my own language institute. Thus, after getting a TEFL certificate in the summer of 2004, I also enrolled in Business Administration certificate program in order to furnish me with the skills necessary in running a business organization. After the program, I am blessed enough to be granted an internship at Merill-Lynch and this experience does not only enable me apply the theories and knowledge I have gained from my business administration program in the real world but has become the major turning point of my life.
My experience at Merill-Lynch has exposed me to finance and management, two disciplines where I have inclinations with. My rationale in taking the internship is to gain a deeper understanding of investment. I am particularly interested on how different investments generate returns to their investors. As an intern, I have been given the responsibility of updating and organizing earnings estimate data. Aside from providing me with knowledge about investment, this task has also exposed me to the intricate and complicated relationship between the different factors in the economy. My internship with Merill-Lynch has bestowed me a fascination of economics as well as its interrelation with the business arena. It is often incomprehensible how a single factor like the interest rate can bring huge repercussions in the whole economy, and how business organizations formulate their responses taking into account these developments. My internship has confirmed my innate passion and inclination on business and economics. My colleagues have been amazed by my unusual aptitude in these disciplines given the limited education and experience I have in these fields.
My internship at Merill-Lynch has motivated me to further enhance my strength and competencies in the fields of economics and business management. I strongly feel that my career goal will be centered in creating a career path within these disciplines. After my internship, I have enrolled in microeconomics and macroeconomic classes. I also hope to gain a deeper understanding about international economics and trade considering the rapid elimination of trade borders among economies through the establishment of trade unions and free trade zones.
I believe that our directions, illustrated by Newton's first law of motion, are truly the products and by-products of various external forces. However, I also believe that these external forces will only change our paths but will fail to completely change our interests. In my experience, external forces enable me to recognize and develop the strengths and skills which I fail to enhance. My passion for teaching has never wavered and I still want to extend the knowledge and skills that I have. However, I am also very passionate about reaching my full potential ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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