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New business start up is difficult in itself but building an effective team from scratch can be even more daunting. Effective teams are built by leaders with a vision, leaders that believe they know where they are going and are able to pass that vision on to the team…
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Nervewire case study Introduction and conclusion only
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Introduction New business start up is difficult in itself but building an effective team from scratch can be even more daunting. Effective teams are built by leaders with a vision, leaders that believe they know where they are going and are able to pass that vision on to the team. Effective teams are the right mix of skills and communication, always complementing each other but only the effective leader is able to choose the right people to make that team. The project itself can be very much what drives the team to be effective, yet that team must also like and be committed to that project. They must also be able to solve conflict along the way without compromising the quality of the project.
Nervewire Inc is a management consulting business that was created as a new business with the vision of doing this business differently than anyone else was. Their goal was to supply ideas to fortune 500 companies and Malcolm Frank had the vision to get there. His first goal was to hire a team that fit the culture of the company and people he knew he could work with. He also planned to bring together people with ideas and creativeness and those that were willing to dedicate themselves to the project. He hired Kirk Arnold as COO because of his prior success and his abilities to see the future. Frank was successful in his endeavor of building an effective team and his new business grew quite rapidly. This paper will discuss Nervewire, what was important about how they built their business and how the two personalities of Frank and Arnold drove their company to success, surviving and growing through a major recession.
Nervewire is a new company that has survived the recession. Created with success in mind, they became and have remained successful. Malcolm Frank had a vision and hired a man name Kirk Arnold who helped fuel that vision. Together they chose people for their team that met the culture of the company and had the skills and communication abilities that were needed to bring this vision to fruition. They were an awesome team and they grew very rapidly but every team as we have noted runs into some difficulty. In this case it is a major recession. Much of that new business disappeared rapidly and there were suddenly layoffs among the perfect team they had chosen. They worked hard though and held the belief that they would continue to be successful. They were right. They did not fail and they are growing again when other companies are barely maintaining. They managed to do this with effective leadership, vision, and the right choices of an effective team. They are in every way a study of how to do it the right way. Read More
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