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Victims of Organizational Crimes - Essay Example

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When Edwin Sutherland initially made familiar the approach of organizational crime, he added complexity and simplification to theories of crime that were all too often focused on a specific category of offender and victim. It is erroneous to consider organizational crime as a problem distinctive to the poor and disadvantaged if it can be found in prosperous neighborhoods and among those who live in situations of authority and privilege…
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Victims of Organizational Crimes
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Extract of sample "Victims of Organizational Crimes"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational crime; on the other hand, can have more of an impact than violent crimes. (Weisburd, 2001)The victim of a violent crime can recuperate, where as the victim of organizational crime can have immeasurable impact that can destroy one's home, family, and even life. The genuine problem behind organizational crime is not defining organizational crime, but developing the suitable means to correct this type of crime. The recognition of organizational crime was meant to provide substantive assistance to the understanding of crime, criminality, criminal justice system and the victim.
Even more recent perspectives which recognize that organizational crime offenders will change and develop as a response to life course events and experiences begin with an assumption that there is something unique to the development of offenders that explains their participation in organizational crimes. While recognizing that paths to crime may begin at different stages of an offender's life, scholars taking this approach identify in every stage specific influences that increase (or decrease) the propensity of offenders to participate in crime and other deviant behaviors in the future. The causes of crime remain rooted in the factors that distinguished organizational crime offenders from others.
Organizational crimes offenders are better educated than either conventional criminals or the general public. Organizational crimes offenders are more likely to be male and white than conventional offenders. Organizational crimes offenders are generally older than either conventional criminals or the general public. Organizational crimes offenders are much better off financially than conventional criminals, but not as well off as the general public. Organizational crimes offenders are more likely to have a prior arrest than the general public, but less likely than conventional criminals.
The academic study of organizational crimes like bullying at work place does little to reveal the deep psychological distress that is experienced by the targets of offenders. Debates about personality characteristics of victims and bullies, the role of organizational factors and the legislative context are vital yet inadvertently they obscure the dreadful anguish that many victims live with year after year.
It may be selflessness to mention that anyone can become a victim of bullying by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, simply by working or living within an environment that fosters harassment and in the vicinity of people who gain positive reinforcement from aggressive activity. Yet, frequently the clinical narratives of those who experience prolonged bullying at work place and suffer the severest of insults to their self-constructs provide an historical dimension to their suffering which extends the span and complexity of antecedents considerably.
These victims are those who experience harassment at different times and in different contexts over a period of years. It may be that their current complaints are firmly rooted in their workplace as it is at the present or of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Victims of Organizational Crimes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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