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Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason' - Movie Review Example

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The book readers and the movie goers constantly marvel at the fact that two women, years apart, Bridget Jones the daughter, and her mother lived similar lives in London. The daughter Bridget however differs from her mother, in the way she carefully detailed accounts in her days as a young, amiable woman in a diary…
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Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason
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Extract of sample "Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason'"

Download file to see previous pages She was so immersed with her heart's interest that she did away with her old ways for a new lifestyle. She began to help herself out with books that she thought would help her develop and evolve into a confident personality. Bridget spent her leisure time struggling to read and understand things which she eventually tried to internalize. She took care of every detail of her personal appearance.
Eventually, she began to work harder to ascend in the hierarchy of achievements in her chosen career. She dreamt dreams that almost everyone her age does, but, often, though success seems arms away, it is just as illusive as a castle in the sky. She got jilted by her fianc. She had other relationships, but, it always winded up with breaking her heart. She had friends like Rebecca. But, Rebecca was not trustworthy. Rebecca broke her heart because she developed great attraction to Mark. Rebecca was a flirt and did nothing to discontinue, until she broke up Bridget's and Mark's relationship. It was sad, but, life has to go on for Bridget.
In the movie, the Bridget Jones story was portrayed as a romantic comedy fairy-tale that commenced in her mother's social gathering. Bridget was a euphoric young lady, so avid for her man who was a human rights Lawyer. Unfortunately, she lost him to a woman who was an associate in the Law firm her boyfriend was working. This brought Bridget a challenge, to do better at work as a television reporter. However, her television network boss turned her into a clown. Screen clips were focused on her bulluptous, but, seductive bottoms. She once was convinced to do an advertisement event on sky diving. Drably, she was dropped into a pond of dirt. She took all of it in a stride believing in her innocence it was all part of the work she contracted to earn what she needs for the living.
The movie went on with the various experiences Bridget Jones went through as well as the ups and downs in her career. Until when she went on to a country in Asia for a vacation, which turned out again as another miserable episode in her young life, she was not configured to have been frustrated nor distressed. After all, her mom and dad were always around, more than willing to embrace her back. But, she maintained her desire to live an independent life which winded up with her true love Mark.
Books like novels are written by authors and surely reflect the ideas of the author. The movements of characters depend upon the intention or the moral lessons the author tries to project. As well, as the story plot develops, the writer adds fascinating episodes to reach a climax at one point. And eventually, comes up with a concluding chapter that keeps the reader satisfied. While the movies are written by an author, but the story is depicted on screen with the huge influence of a director. So, variations or story twist are expected for a screenplay to draw the interest of movie fanatics. Movies do have plots, climax, and ending but, recently the fad is to keep the audience hanging for another episode. Besides, movies are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason' Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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