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Workforce Divesity - Essay Example

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b. I would like to choose one of the major technological companies of the world to study about the work force diversity and that is International Business machines (IBM). I chose this because the company has its offices in multiple countries and hence people of different cultures and traditions work under one roof…
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Workforce Divesity
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Extract of sample "Workforce Divesity"

Download file to see previous pages There is always cooperation between the employees. They have fun together and try to help that are in need.
b. In IBM work force diversity being properly maintained great technologies and people from different walks of life are able to work together and could able to exchange mutual understanding. Work force diversity is having tremendous impact on cities. Cities are transforming into great industrial belts. As the industries grow there will be visible impact on the economy. Job opportunities grow and innumerable colonies are developed. The growth is multifold and the technology exchange migration takes place. All this is possible only when work force diversity is properly maintained. And this is being properly maintained and hence there is so much development in all the fields for example take the IT industry and the HR field which is the key area where the work force diversity has to be maintained and that too healthy.
c. People of different cultures migrate to different cities in search of work. Different nations of people live in one city, like in New York representing unity in diversity with so many cultures and traditional values. Different languages are spoken. ...
The technology is no more permitted, limited to a particular part of the world. It is exchanged in order to serve the public with the latest technology. The globe is no bigger. Work force diversity represents a single economy. Single technology, efficiency and quality of life should be of high standard. Because of work force diversity there is conspicuous change with the social life industries. One shall meat and come across different rest of different nationals represent at one place. Different sets of different nationals represent diversified cultures; different languages are spoken at one and the same place, and at one and the same time. They come to know each other from a closer proximity. The intimacies develop; relationships pave way for greater understanding. The social pavilion of life is set to rolling. Broader outlook develop into more knowledgeable and understanding environment. There will be a great impact on the urban sociology patterns of life.
d. May be the chief architect of the work force diversity to take enormous pairs to create and design the super structure of the third world. Work force diversity has its own effects on every aspects of technology. Work force diversity has changed the way urban socialist use to link and express their thoughts. Of course wealth is also acting as a catalyst for the change in the thinking and living of the urban individuals. The new meaning of work force diversity is slowly changing, to be more precise it is altering the essence of socialist thinking.
a. For this assignment I get to some the top HR managers of the company and could learn a lot from them, they were equally busy but were also helping. The best part of the work force ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Workforce Divesity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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