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English: assignment 1 - Essay Example

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6. Q5 Do you sympathize with the mother or the daughter Should parents channel their children toward selected activities Or should parents let their children choose their own paths Can parents push their children too much Why would they do this
It is difficult to make an objective remark as to whether I side with the mother or with the daughter…
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English: assignment 1
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Extract of sample "English: assignment 1"

Download file to see previous pages They also have gained the wisdom to discern the strengths and talents of their children as they see their children grow from infanthood to childhood and so on. No better guide could there be than their own parents because parents only want the best for their children. In this case, parents should serve as guides and let their children develop their inclinations and talents and follow their personal ambition. Parents should not hinder their children from pursuing what they really want to do and to be. On the other hand, children should not be left to themselves so that they would be prevented from making choices that would be detrimental to them.
However, all things should be done in moderation. Parents should be careful not to push their children too much or else they would fail to inspire their children. Instead of bringing out the best in their children, they would end up widening the gap of misunderstanding between their generations.
7. Q5 When Jig says, "And afterward they were all so happy" (para. 54), is she being sarcastic How about when she says, "I don't care about me" (para. 64) What does Jig mean by "It isn't ours anymore" (para. 79)
I think Jig is being sarcastic when she says, "And afterward they were all so happy." She does not really know inwardly if the others who have gone through the operation were truly happy. They may have appeared happy because they have ridded themselves of an unwanted consequence of their carelessness but there are other emotional baggage attached to having an abortion.
When she says, "I don't care about me", she must have been feeling really bad about the whole thing. There is the fear of the surgery per se and the doubt whether what she is doing is right or best for her self. This must be the reason that the man continues to convince her that everything will be fine afterwards.
Furthermore, when she says, "It isn't ours anymore", implies that after the operation things would not be the same anymore. This act is a life-changing experience and how much they try to bring things back to normal, there will always be that incident to remind them that something has changed. Something is lost in the process - something that goes beyond the physical experience. It could be a lessening of trust in self and others, or some self-worth or value. This feeling must have also been deepened by fear of the physical and psychological consequence of getting away with a responsibility and being accountable for the outcome of the act.
Exercise I
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English: Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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