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Enginering Science - Essay Example

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4. A steel column is required to support a load with a slenderness ratio of less than 100. If the column is fixed at both ends and is 3m long, suggest a suitable section from the table in the appendix. P2
8. The armature of an electric motor weighs 40kg and has a radius of gyration of 200mm…
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Enginering Science
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Extract of sample "Enginering Science"

Download file to see previous pages A. Shear Diagram:

B. Moment Diagram:

C. Maximum Bending Moment = 80 kN.m
2. A simply supported beam of length 10M has a concentrated load of 30kN 3m from the left hand end and another concentrated load of 50kN 3m from the right hand end. P1
a. Draw the shear force diagram.
b. Draw the bending moment diagram
c. Determine the maximum bending moment in the beam.
d. Determine the maximum shear force.
A. Shear Diagram:

B. Moment Diagram:
C. Maximum Bending Moment = 132 kN.m
D. Maximum Shear Force = 44 kN
3. The maximum bending moment a beam can sustain is 175 x 10 6 Nmm. If the maximum stress in tension or compression is 165 N/mm2 suggest an appropriate section beam from the table in the appendix P2
M = 175 x 10 6 Nmm
f = 165 N/mm2
Section Modulus, Z = M / f
Z = 175 x 10 6 / 165 = 1060606.061 mm3 = 1060.61 cm3

The lightest section with Z > 1060.61 is the I beam 406 x 178 with Z = 1186 cm3
4. A steel column is required to support a load with a slenderness ratio of less than 100. If the column is fixed at both ends and is 3m long, suggest a suitable section from the table in the appendix. P2
Effective length factor, k = 0.5 for fixed columns
L = 300 cm
Since kL/r ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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