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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education - Article Example

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A paper "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education" reports that a qualitative study conducted by Jeffrey. J. Kuenzi, who is a specialist in education policy. A report for the US Congressional Research Service for the perusal of the members of the Congress…
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education
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Extract of sample "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education"

Download file to see previous pages The first section of the article has been set apart to make an in-depth study of the STEM education situation in the US utilizing all the data available from previous studies. The second section comprises of a detailed review of the existing federal programs in this context, with a focus on a few selected programs. The third and final section has dealt with the legislative options being considered by federal authority to implement remedial measures. The article introduces the topic by saying that many studies had found the country lacking in sufficient numbers of students, qualified teachers and skilled practitioners in STEM sectors. In the article, the gravity of this situation is described using relevant figures and the measures were taken by the government to rectify this problem are also analyzed. It is pointed out that in a recent international assessment, carried out among 15-year old students, “the US ranked 28th in math literacy, and 24th in science literacy (Kuenzi, 2008, p.1).” The article also has suggested that this has to be understood in the backdrop of “many US math and science teachers lack(ing) an undergraduate major or minor in those fields” (Kuenzi, 2008, p.1). It is specifically noted in this article that “the US ranks 20th among all nations in the proportion of 24-year olds who earn degrees in natural science or engineering (Kuenzi, 2008, p.2).” The legislation introduced in the 110th Congress based on previous study reports have been thoroughly scrutinized by Kuenzi’s article. The purpose of the report is stated as “to put these legislative proposals into a useful context” (Kuenzi, 2008, p.3) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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