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Stem Education - Essay Example

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S is a descriptor of science, T for technology, E for engineering while M is a descriptor of mathematics. Education that revolves around the four subjects plays a great role in our daily lives. STEM tutoring or…
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Stem Education
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Download file to see previous pages Examples of interdisciplinary subjects that incorporate the four disciplines are aerospace engineering, chemistry, physics and mathematical biology.
Aerospace is a branch that is concerned with designing, developing, researching, testing, science, construction and technology of airplanes or spacecrafts. It is an engineering branch that incorporates science, engineering, technology and mathematics in its functions. It relies upon science to explore, invent and discover new processes in aerospace science (Tooley, 2006). It also relies on algebra, calculus and equations in the field of mathematics. It relies on engineering by applying concepts in science in order to develop solutions and identify problems in aerospace science or engineering. It incorporates technology by reinventing and inventing new technological devices that can be relied upon in aerospace science.
Chemistry deals with the structure, composition, alterations, composition and properties of matter. It is mainly concerned with molecules and atoms. It studies how molecules and atoms transform and interact. Chemistry combines mathematics and science subjects. It incorporates mathematics in its calculus (Stone, 2001). Lastly, chemistry is a science and relies upon scientific properties to study molecules and atoms.
Physics is another science subject that mainly deals with energy and matter by looking at their properties and how they relate. Physics combines science and mathematics subjects or disciplines. It relies on mathematics in developing solutions to the problems faced in physics. Mathematics is highly regarded as an essential part of physics. It provides guidelines or a framework that can be applied in Physics (Breithaupt, 2001). Physics is a branch in the field of sciences. It, thus, carries out scientific researches and experiments.
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Stem Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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