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Thesis-driven about the connection between American language in literature and Melting Pot - Essay Example

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Summary to essay on topic "Thesis-driven essay about the connection between American language in literature and Melting Pot"
Melting Pot" is a term used to describe cultural process and development of homogeneous societies. This term is connected with the use and development of American language in literature and influences of other cultures and societies on American literature…
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Thesis-driven essay about the connection between American language in literature and Melting Pot
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Extract of essay "Thesis-driven essay about the connection between American language in literature and Melting Pot"

Download file "Thesis-driven essay about the connection between American language in literature and Melting Pot" to see previous pages... There is no doubt about the relatively recent emergence of the ethnicity in academic and literature discourse. The question is the phenomena it is used to designate new, in any significant respect, or is this just a new and more fashionable way of describing something that has been there all along The deliberate and self-conscious substitution of the term "Melting pot" in critical writings over the past 20 years might seem to support the latter view.
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In the article "Under-Writing: Forming an American Minority Literature", Gina Masucci MacKenzie describes and analyzes the problems of national minorities and their impact on American language in literature (MacKenzie, 2003). The author states that immigrants have had an impact on literature and language using specific vocabulary and colloquialisms typical for their cultures. In the article Nicholls Brendon analyses the problems of Jack Kerouac's fiction and influence of native mother tongue on the context and translation of his works (Nicholls, 2003). He underlines that Jack Kerouac's works originate in racial fetishism and reflect vocabulary and language means typical for his culture. Claudia Mills in "Diversity in Deep Valley: Encountering the "Other" in the Betsy-Tacy Serie" addresses the problems of "Melting pot" which can be found in children's literature. She uses the Betsy-Tacy Series as a core of her research and analysis. The authors use works of fiction as the main type of primary sources (Mills, 2004).
The argument is advanced principally through an examination of three broad areas of concern depicted in the works under analysis. These are: impartiality and inequality of impact; the meaning and value of culture; and the legitimate legal enforcement of local social norms of language. The authors effectively debunk some weak or specious arguments that have been advanced in favor of "Melting pot" principles and policies. They unveil that "Melting pot" has become a fashionable issue in literature theory and, as with most fashions, this has resulted in some misunderstandings.
Nicholls Brendon uses primarily sources as a core of his research to support and underline the importance of the problem. He creates a vivid picture of changes and influences of American language on Jack Kerouac's works. While different use of American language in literature can be shown to exist, it is quite another matter to be unequivocal about why writers use their own cultural norms as a basis in their works. It is possible to say that this decision-making is generally regarded as a linear process, starting with the recognition of a need, particular a need to express themselves. In the decision-making process the first step is where followers acknowledge that they have a need, or a problem that requires a solution, and language means tries to solve this problem. In general, American language becomes a strong force that affects all aspects of literature joining specific cultural norms with American culture.
MacKenzie uses primary sources for illustration purposes to prove arguments and ideas expressed in the article. The author analyzes the function of minor literature and use of language by immigrant writers. The author's research is based on the analyses provided by Deleuze and Guattari and two novels Anzia Yezierska's "Bread Givers", and Pietro di Donato's "Christ in ...Download file "Thesis-driven essay about the connection between American language in literature and Melting Pot" to see next pagesRead More
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Thesis-Driven Essay about the Connection Between American Language in. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1504320-thesis-driven-essay-about-the-connection-between-american-language-in-literature-and-melting-pot.
“Thesis-Driven Essay about the Connection Between American Language in”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1504320-thesis-driven-essay-about-the-connection-between-american-language-in-literature-and-melting-pot.
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