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The Economic Terms in the Society - Literature review Example

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The following paper entitled 'The Economic Terms in the Society' presents the base and superstructure theory which propounded by Marx goes on to describe economics as the base of any society which could be also termed as the infrastructure of the society…
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The Economic Terms in the Society
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Extract of sample "The Economic Terms in the Society"

Download file to see previous pages Marxian analysis of any literature would be to analyze it based on the economic terms and the reflection of the economic condition of the society on the other spheres.
The Victorian Age in which author Henry James wrote his novel, The Turn of The screw was predominantly a society based on social demarcations. Rigid class distinctions were prevalent where there was a presence of the proper upper class, middle class, and a lower class. They labeled the society as a “normal” one in which there were class distinctions, heterosexuality, even choice of skin color, which was white, and anything beyond the purview of their normality seemed heinous, amoral, and abnormal (Robbins). To them these were monstrous and a display of perverse psyche. It was an era of masquerade where objectification was encouraged through labeling and classifying. Anything unclassified received the predicament of destruction. The society even condemned the intermingling of the classes the intermingling and labeled it as an attempt to digression and perversion. Henry James however chooses to break through the cover of the prim and prudent behaviors and write about the mental disintegration, sexuality to the level of pedophilia. He chose to show the true picture of society through his writings. He tried to portray the reality existing behind the set norms of society. He tried to show that in the age of class distinctions where it was blasphemous to feel for a person above own social standards, there were individuals who were breaking the norms and even committing heinous crimes such as involving the children into sexual acts.
The novel begins with a framing device in which the reader gets the information of a holiday party in which the topic of discussion is ghost stories. One of the people attending the party, Douglas recounts about a ghost story he had heard which is also a real-life tale. The first chapter of the story begins with the introduction of a nameless governess who is also the narrator of the story. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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