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Locate a news article about POVERTY in order to conduct a meta-analysis of the author's economic perspective of the issue - Term Paper Example

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Economics includes demands for food. The research centers on the people’s demand for food. The research includes the United States government’s aid to the poor and needy of American society. Food stamps help increase the demand for products and services offered by stores and other entities. …
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Locate a news article about POVERTY in order to conduct a meta-analysis of the authors economic perspective of the issue
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Extract of sample "Locate a news article about POVERTY in order to conduct a meta-analysis of the author's economic perspective of the issue"

Download file to see previous pages The New York Times Article Food Stamps Helped Reduce Poverty Rate, Study Shows” is a good economic issue (ref:
1. In terms of providing a brief overview / synopsis of the economic issue, the article shows that the Agriculture Department mentioned food stamps continue to reduce the poverty level of the United States. The food stamps are also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. The food stamps project benefitted more than 45,000,000 individuals in the nation. Specifically, the food stamps program raised the average below poverty line individual’s income six percent nearer to the poverty line.
2. In terms of discussing the model or economic theory that relates to the issue presented in the news article, the economic theory that relates to the issue in the news article is demand principle. The economic theory dictates that “as the prices of goods and services increase, the demand for products and services decrease.” The theory also states that the demand for the products and services increases as the price of goods and services decline. The people who have enough money to pay for the goods and services will be the ones willing to buy the goods and services. As the prices of the goods or services increase, some of the people can no longer afford to buy the previously lower priced goods or services. Thus, the people who can no longer afford to buy the higher priced goods and services are forced to shift to the competitors’ lower priced goods and services....
Ronald King (King, 2000) theorizes “The Food Stamp Act of 1964 authorized the secretary of agriculture “to formulate and administer ‘a program under which “eligible households within the State shall be provided with an opportunity more nearly to obtain a nutritionally adequate diet through the issuance to them of a coupon allotment which shall have a greater monetary value than their normal expenditures for food.’1 The food stamp program is intended to increase the food purchasing power of low-income households to the point where they can afford the “Thrifty Food Plan, ” the least expensive of the food purchasing plans developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.” The above quote states that the basic unit for the United States food stamps benefit program is the household. The family is described as the group of persons living under one roof who regularly buy food and prepare food in together. The food stamps program presumes that average household spends 30 percent of their entire purchasing power (computed in terms of cash on hand) on their unavoidable food needs. The food stamps program lightens the food need predicament of the family qualifying as belonging to the poverty line population of the United States. The United States government steps into the poverty level family home by giving them subsidy that is enough to close the gap between the household’s expected contribution to food purchases and the cost of the Thrifty Food Plan. The food stamps are given to the qualified families through booklets of coupons denominated in United States dollar amounts or by an Electronic Benefit Transfer card technology program. Some of the United States groceries are authorized to accept the food stamps as payment for the food bought from their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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