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Cooperation and Conflict - Essay Example

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There are many different effects that control human nature. Cooperation or Conflicts are part of human nature. In this article; analysis of different scientists and especially the notions of Anthropologists are discussed. Few say that human are aggressive and though they can't stop conflicting and few says cooperation is also the nature of human beings…
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Cooperation and Conflict
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Extract of sample "Cooperation and Conflict"

Instructions: Article analysis of Article: Cooperation or conflict Its not all sex and violence: integrated anthropology and the role of cooperation and social complexity in human evolution.
Author of Article:
Agustin Fuentes
Journal Name (volume, page numbers):
American Anthropologist; Vol 106; Pgs 710, 9 pgs
Briefly state the main ideas of this article:
There are many different effects that control human nature. Cooperation or Conflicts are part of human nature. In this article; analysis of different scientists and especially the notions of Anthropologists are discussed. Few say that human are aggressive and though they can't stop conflicting and few says cooperation is also the nature of human beings. So both travels in human nature simultaneously. What may the affects of cooperation and conflictions on environment are deeply discussed Biologists and Ecologists are been very much part of the article as their views after observing human nature characterize that human conflicts effects the environment badly. As sometimes, genes get affected the most. In spite they all declare that conflicting or cooperating is human inborn qualities, which vary human to human. Talking About cooperation, article clearly put in the picture that itnergroup cooperation are more powerful than individual cooperation. This whole article in simple words is about the human evolution on the basis of its nature that conflicts and cooperates simultaneously.
List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea:
Following are the three facts that the author uses to support the main idea:
History - where the author explains what different scientists analysis is.
Central Concepts - where the author supports the idea through some theories and concepts scientists already declared after experimentations.
Complexity in basic life deeds - where the author shows the effects in different situations while conflictions and cooperation.
Show how this article supports its side of the issue:
This article strongly supports its side of the issue by giving citations from different books. It took help for the explanation of the issue from different views recount by different biologists, ecologists, anthropologists and other scientists.
Identify holes in its argument:
In this argument author emphasis the cause of disturbed human evolution is everything other than sex. However, Sex also reacts negative as much as other different natural activities. Moreover, the author gives unbalanced length of explanation to each factor that makes the article sometimes deep and sometimes more shallow.
What is a good counterargument to the thesis of this article
The best counterargument to the thesis of this article was how nature selection affects the human behavior. The Citation and notions of different scientists gives deem on what this article tends to illustrate.
What point could be added to its argument
The point that can also be the part of the argument is the boring same routine of human nature that takes maximum part in the destruction of human evolution.
How does this article relate to what is in the book or that we discussed in class
Haven't attended the class or read the book.
What new information have you learned from this article
Humans and Animals are treated by the natural environment and get affected for their evolution in same manner is new information I've learned from this article. Read More
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Cooperation and Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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