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The article argues about the scarcity of resources which creates multiple impacts it can increase the chances that a non-violent conflict will become violent, and it can trigger violence in previously resolved conflicts. …
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External conflict
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External conflict The article argues about the scar of resources which creates multiple impacts it can increase the chances that a non-violent conflict will become violent, and it can trigger violence in previously resolved conflicts. The author argue that the resources scarcity plays a vital role in monitoring, the resources to situations where the violent conflict is to be prevented. In terms of monitoring, the resource scarcity can be used as an indicator to indicate warnings that the non-violent conflict can easily become violent.
In terms of response, the dual policies aims at equitable and fair sharing plus helping to manage the resources (Oktav 38). In a manner that help to alleviate for preventing the outbreak for violent conflict. In the case of preventing the new violence in a previously resolved conflict, peaceful agreement should address the resources management issues building mechanisms for this into an agreement. Fresh water systems offer a unique opportunity for addressing the key questions for international cooperation and conflict. In practical instances, fresh water is one of the most valuable natural resources (Serghides 278). The surface waters such as lake and rivers are the most assessable sources of human use and consumption, and it only constitute an extremely small fraction of the earth.
The fresh water constitutes only 2. 5 % of the total water on the universe the global fresh water is constant and tremendously increase in population and economic activities. This would lead to over exploitation because most the accessible water are within the grounds. Many of the rivers are shared among international boundaries this is may cause conflicts between the countries sharing the water resources (Harold 158). Therefore I do agree with Dinars article, where he states that the wars of the next century will be as a result of fresh water. The world view is unfortunate, direct and observable. One approach of describing the world view is by having peaceful negotiations instead of confronting each other. Confronting each other may lead to wars which would lead to dropping of economic development between the affected countries. Engaging into a conflict would not solve the problem but would fuel the conflict further.
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