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Pro-forma A - Essay Example

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- Key product attributes: The brand celebrates emancipation of the modern woman. It is presented in a highly sensuous manner, which plays to the assumed sub-conscious fantasies of this demographic segment. The pack design and product color are unusual. The package of promotional communication promises a host of virtual benefits, principally related to equal opportunities for women, and their equal place in the world of the future…
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Pro-forma A
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Extract of sample "Pro-forma A"

Download file to see previous pages It has also followed conventions of point of purchase promotion used by its predecessors. Internet presence is relatively low-key, though consumer response to the brand on the medium has been unusually heavy.
- Key message of promotion: The brand promises to transport women to a fantasy world of elegance and high technology. It takes the position of a fragrance for the modern woman (Thunder Perfect Mind, 2006). The brand promise goes well beyond the physical attributes of the product, and focuses on intangible benefits. It connotes an exaggerated sense of power for liberated women, and takes a seemingly liberal view on aspects of personal preferences. One of the distinguishing features of advertising for the perfume, unlike for other Prada product lines, is that there is no attempt to show women in a seductive light for the apparent pleasure of men. This is a significant departure for Prada, encouraging women to spend money on the perfume for their own pleasure, rather than to attract attention from the opposite sex. Prada Perfume promotion makes no effort to suggest that it is something for men to buy as a gift for women. The entire promotion seems designed to bring in a completely new demographic segment in to Prada's basket of existing customers.
- Media chosen: Prada has chosen film, print media and point of purchase promotion, with a modicum of web presence as well. Store displays and sampling is aggressive at premium outlets, following conventions for this product category.
- Assumed customer segment: Prada seems to have chosen young working women (The Prada Perfume Ad, 2006). Advertisements show women in a most glamorous but independent light, which shows synergy with the unusual pack design and product color as well. The style of advertising and the language and tone used in the cited advertisement and the company website, all show a focus for the mainstream white Caucasian market. The brand, as with other perfumes, is priced for women with considerable disposable income, as the unit purchase price is well over $50.
- Assumed required Marketing outcome: It is normal for perfumes to offer values far beyond their physical attributes, and Prada has copied this approach. The brand has a futuristic appeal for the modern woman (Prada Company Website, 2006). Prada has traditionally catered to an older segment of women than it appears to have selected for the perfume. Perfume itself is a new line for this fashion company with 19th century roots. The Marketing outcome seems to be for Prada to leverage its goodwill for new market segment entry. (Prada, 2006)
Proforma B
Required Marketing Outcome: To enable Prada to cater to a younger demographic group than its traditional base, with an entry in to a new product line, related to traditional textile and leather lines of fashion products. Secondly, the brand should make best use of the existing goodwill for the Prada name. The promotion efforts should result in a significant market presence for the Prada brand in the perfume segment. There is no access to actual sales and contribution targets set by Prada for the perfume, but it is safe to assume that the company would affect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pro-Forma A Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
“Pro-Forma A Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d.
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