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Introduction - Essay Example

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The global economy has made it almost mandatory for international corporations that an effective strategy is adopted for managing the workforce and the diversity at the workforce so that everybody is able to enjoy a better working environment. This helps in motivating the workforce and thus allowing the company to take on the competitors with fullest potential…
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Extract of sample "Introduction"

How Primark is motivating its employees Introduction The global economy has made it almost mandatory for international corporations that an effective strategy is adopted for managing the workforce and the diversity at the workforce so that everybody is able to enjoy a better working environment. This helps in motivating the workforce and thus allowing the company to take on the competitors with fullest potential. Primark has been in retail industry for quite a while now, but this is one industry which has seen increasing levels of competition and emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. No company can come out with quality products and services without the positive contribution from its workforce and Primark is no exception. This research is an effort to see how Primark has been able to apply its HR policies towards satisfying its customers and motivating the workforce.

Research Questions and Objectives
The main intention of the study is to develop an understanding of the concepts of Human Resources Management in general and how the established theories and principles are applied to a particular organization. During the study an effort will be made to observe the general working at Primark store in Manchester to seek answers to the following key objectives.
To analyze the competition and HR scenario in the retail industry in general.
How Primark has been able to motivate its staff in view of shrinking profit margins in the retail industry.
Prerequisite to a decent work culture is about respecting individuals and treating everyone, customers and colleagues, with dignity. How Primark has been able to adopt a balancing approach towards motivating the workforce.
Conceptual Framework
Research Vision:
Undertaking a research implies that one must be aware about the subject, and able to apply the knowledge gained in practical working environment. This research is also being undertaken with the vision that it helps in carving out an effective and efficient HR professional having thorough understanding of the ways employees can be motivated to give optimum performances.
To come out with a quality research on the subject and get a feel of the competitive environment in retail industry, get to know about the HR policies of Primark in particular and how its employees feel about the policies being adopted by the company towards satisfying their different types of needs. This research study also aspires to test the relevance of difference motivational techniques in the context of Primark and the retail industry in UK and Ireland.
Our purpose is find out how companies are moving towards flatter organizational structures in order to create more businesslike and worker friendly working environment. The research will also try to understand if and how effective HR policies can help in gaining competitive advantage for the organisation, resulting in enhanced performance with the help of a satisfied human capital. The system apparently works on the assumption that an organization will be able to serve increasingly diverse customers, meet increasingly complex business and management problems by actively motivating and managing its workforce. Effective HR policies also imply that companies are able to respect the needs of multi-culture and diverse workforce to serve the equally diverse segments of customers and this research is an effort to study how the companies have been able to ensure the quality of individual service that it provides to the individual customers on a larger landscape. This study is therefore more of a research study aided by the case study of Primark, in which we seek the answers to probing queries about implementation of different motivational strategies in the organisational environment. Read More
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Introduction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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