How Can Motivation Reduce Employee Turnover in the Banking Sector - Dissertation Example

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The paper aims at the understanding of motivation theories that include reinforcement theory and its advantages and disadvantages in motivating employees, incentive theory and its impact in improving the performance and satisfaction level of employees…
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How Can Motivation Reduce Employee Turnover in the Banking Sector
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Download file to see previous pages For this purpose, the researcher identified the importance of motivation by analysing past literature and available information. This helped in understanding the fact that motivation often impacts in a positive way leading to better understanding and performances of employees. The researcher also conducted primary and secondary research that further helped in understanding the role and importance of motivation in controlling and managing employee turnover. The secondary research is based on the understanding of motivation theories that include reinforcement theory and its advantages and disadvantages in motivating employees, incentive theory and its impact in improving the performance and satisfaction level of employees, equity theory and its impact in enhancing the satisfaction, trust and loyalty level, goals setting theory and its impact in offering direction to employees along with guiding and motivating them and need hierarch theory based on understanding and fulfilling the needs and demands of employees in an effective and expected way. The researcher also conducted primary research that helped in collecting views and responses of five human resource managers through structured interviews. The analysis of primary and secondary research offered relevant findings revealing the fact that motivation helps in enhancing skills and performances of employees if used in a positive and honest manner. However, there was no information and confirmation on the direct relationship of motivation and employee turnover. Overall, it was assumed that motivation is just a tool in enhancing the skills and performance of employees that may reduce employee turnover to an extent depending on the strategies and actions implemented by...
The intention of this study is motivation as a term that refers to a process that controls and manages human behaviour in a positive way. Motivation can be defined as a series of phenomenon affecting human behaviour based on psychological, cognitive and social factors. Motivation helps in creating positive energy and feeling that in turn helps in enhancing the overall mood and behaviour of individuals. In organsiations, employees need to be motivates at every stage in order to achieve the organsiational goals and objectives. Motivation has been defined under certain concepts that need to be mentioned and examined in terms of reducing employee turnover within organisations. Initially, the researcher believes that basic concepts of motivation like intrinsic and extrinsic need to be discussed and later other concepts like push and pull and self control will be discussed in detail. Intrinsic motivation refers to the motivation that is developed deep within by individuals. When individuals start taking interest in certain tasks along with enjoying them; they are automatically motivated. Intrinsic motivation does not require any push or strategy and is often felt by individuals. Intrinsic motivation is all about deriving pleasure from activities that help individuals to grow and develop rather than depending on extrinsic factors like rewards and strategies. It is all about engaging individuals in tasks that they enjoy rather than offering tasks that do not appeal much to them. In the context of the banking sector, there are a number of tasks and activities that need to be executed and managed by employees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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