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Cover Letter (English class - Essay Example

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I am writing to apply for a position at one of your fine hotels. I heard you were hiring from Mr. Clarkson, a good friend of my family. Out of all the hotels I have ever stayed at, I have always enjoyed the Marriott experience and wish to become part of that time honored tradition and success…
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Cover Letter (English class
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Extract of sample "Cover Letter (English class"

327 Barckbirch Ave. Philadelphia, PA 77465 756-843-3345 April 22, 2007 Mr. Hotel Marriott International 172 Clearwood Lane Los Angeles, CA 34554Dear Mr. Hotel:
I am writing to apply for a position at one of your fine hotels. I heard you were hiring from Mr. Clarkson, a good friend of my family. Out of all the hotels I have ever stayed at, I have always enjoyed the Marriott experience and wish to become part of that time honored tradition and success. I feel I am highly qualified for one of your starting management opportunities. I have had two years of working in retail for various agencies, and have also been working for a local hotel for some time.
I feel that I would adeptly be able to meet any challenges the positions offers, and I look forward to meeting those challenges. I have taken several semesters of business management, and have also taken courses specifically in hotel chain management, that I feel have prepared me to real life in the hotel world. I have also been working at a local hotel chain as a manager for some time, and have taken this course material and applied it to real life work in the hotel field.
I will call the office in a few days to make sure you have received my materials, and will be more than willing to discuss what you see as strengths, or any possible weaknesses in my resume. I also would like to set up an appointment for an interview, if such would be possible. I am really looking forward to meeting you, and cannot wait to be part of the tradition of excellence that I have always know was Marriott.
I would like to thank you for all your time, and for looking over my materials. I hope you have a good day, and am looking forward to talking to you again soon.
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