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Nick DiChario - Essay Example

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Nick DiChario is hailed as one of the best short science fiction authors. Since his first story appeared in 1992, DiChario has been nominated for the John W. Campbell Award, the Hugo Award, and the World Fantasy Award. (Nick He has co-edited a mystery anthology with Mary Stanton for Berkley Books entitled Death Dines at 8:30, which was published in 2000…
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Nick DiChario
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Download file to see previous pages (Nick short fiction has appeared in science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and the following publications in the United States: The Year's Best Science Fiction, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century, among many others. (, Nick DiChario as guest).
DiChario has also been nominated for a John W. Campbell Award, two Hugo Awards, and a World Fantasy Award. In addition to writing stories, some of his plays have been presented in Geva Theatre's Regional Playwrights Festival in upstate New York, and he is the workshop coordinator for Writers & Books. (Id.) It is clear that DiChario does not take himself too seriously which may be the reason why his writing is so successful. He chatted on a blog with fans from the Green Room at "Chicon, the 58th Annual World Science Fiction Convention". Research across the web also indicates that he enjoys the feedback that he receives from his fans and avidly writes back.
The largest impression that I received from this novel was that it made me wonder what would happen if I were in Tink's shoes. A small and remarkable life is a fitting title to this novel because in the grand scheme of life, Tink's could hardly be considered influential. However, it was remarkable in that we have a wonderful impression of what it would be like to be a fish out of water. The adaptation has suffocated a person, and DiChario shows us what it would be like realistically for an alien. Based on his description, I guess it would be the same for us if we ever visited "Wetspace". This novel tells us the story of Tink Puddah, a strange being mostly conveniently referred to as the "foreigner". Tink comes to us from a place called "Wetspace". It looks like Tink may be the child of Nif and Ru, also two aliens from "Wetspace". The Three have decided to come to earth and adapt themselves to the planet and its' people in the mid 1800's.
I also thought that it was interesting to begin the story with Tink's funeral. I loved the idea of the preacher being the public enemy instead of the alien. In fact in his review of the book, Corey Redkop from "Shelf Monkey states "DiChario propels the story through startling imagery that pays homage to the tenets of the genre while at the same time raising the bar". The novel allows us to examine our own conscious while enjoying science fiction at the same time. It also demonstrates that all persons are fallible. One of the most interesting aspects of this book is that it is a "first contact" novel. Taking the form of a 'first-contact' novel (i.e. a story based on the presumption of Earth's first contact with an alien life form), this really does seem like we are almost experiencing this story ourselves. What I appreciate most about this novel is that despite the subject matter, we are still taken through unexpected roads which for a moment seem ludicrous, yet after thought are logical.
My favorite quote from this novel is: "Their metamorphosis had begun-they had each developed two miniature spherical structures of jelly-like eyes with which to see the new world. Bodies shrinking, rounding, bending. Bones to support the eco-matter. Small, bipedal, humanoid creatures they would become. Atoms, molecules, joints, nails, skin, glands, hormones, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nick DiChario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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