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Analyze Film - Essay Example

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They vie for this job to the point of wrestling for the top spot. This makes Nick more stressed as he competes with Russell. He is even more stressed by the contest that involves a lot of stressful…
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Analyze Film
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Extract of sample "Analyze Film"

Download file to see previous pages Controlling one of the busiest airspaces in the United States is a major reason that gives Nick a lot of pressure hence his stressful life. The job is very stressing as indicated by the 50% dropout of new recruits. The new recruits are unable to cope with this pressure and quit the job at its earliest stages. Later, Russell Bell joins the air controllers. Nick is challenged such that he is envious of the power and endurance portrayed by a new recruit (Pushing Tin).
The entry of Russell into the airspace controlling job becomes a reason to pressure Nick since he always thought that he was the best in the crew. It is something that he can do away with by just swallowing his pride but since his inner character shows him otherwise, he ends up being very stressed by everything Russell does in life. Nick is jealous of the power to handle stressful tasks at the workplace that is portrayed by Russell. He perceives him as his competitor in everything in life. He always thought that he would be the toughest man to cope with compromising situations at the work place and at home, but someone appears into his life and proves to be even better. No matter how good somebody can be at their workplaces, there is always someone out there who is even better (Bickerstaff, 4).
Nick is fed up by the strength and wit shown by Russell. He thinks of ways to hurt him and ends up liking his wife Mary. He competes with Russell in physical battles including racing cars, basketball shooting contests and worse still competing on a basis of who has the better marriage. Surprisingly, it is Nick who becomes stressed by these contests. He feels that he is losing every battle against Russell who seems not to be bothered by the contests at all. Nick takes everything that Russell does to be a contest and tries to be better than him but ends up being a loser in his view of things (Parker, 27).
Nick tries in every way to make ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyze Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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