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Winslow Homer and his Eight bells - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes Eight bells of Winslow Homer. There have been writers of the sea, like James Fennimore Cooper and there have been poets of the sea, like Samuel Taylor Coleridge. But if there is a painter of the sea, it must be American artist Winslow Homer.
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Winslow Homer and his Eight bells
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"Winslow Homer and his Eight bells"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Winslow Homer and his Eight bells" explores Eight bells of Winslow Homer. Some major artists create popular stereotypes that last for decades; others never reach into popular culture at all. Winslow Homer was a painter of the first kind. Even today, 150 years after his birth, one sees his echoes on half the magazine racks of America. Homer was not, of course, the first ‘sporting artist’ in America, but he was the undisputed master of the genre, and he brought to it both intense observation and a sense of identification with the landscape — just at the cultural moment when the religious Wilderness of the nineteenth century, the church of nature, was shifting into the secular Outdoors, the theater of manly enjoyment. If you want to see Thoreau's America turning into Teddy Roosevelt’s, Homer the watercolorist is the man to consult. That’s perhaps the most apt description of the man who have been a sincere chronicler of natural life in fin de siècle eighteenth century America, almost in a similar way that Thomas Hardy’s Edwardian poems related to that of England. But Homer was also in elements when he drew the sea, especially how humans react and relate to it when the water universe is at its most fierce. Homer’s place in Amercian art is secured though he was largely a self-taught artist who in the beginning of his career worked as a commercial illustrator. “…(Homer) received little instruction from masters or in art schools. He has studied nature faithfully and he has found his way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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