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What if Alexander Graham Bell Did Not Invent the Telephone - Essay Example

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This essay attempts to present the possibilities if Alexander Bell had never created the telephone, and highlights the importance of this invention to humanity’s history. No phenomenal words, such as ‘call’, might have been associated with telephone. …
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What if Alexander Graham Bell Did Not Invent the Telephone
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"What if Alexander Graham Bell Did Not Invent the Telephone"

Download file to see previous pages High-end communication devices at present are products of a gradual and consistent innovation of telephone to become cellular phones or the so-called wireless communication devices. Now, consumers are no longer satisfied with the primitive capacity and purpose of telephones or cellular phones which is to be able to hear and talk to important people. With the invention of Internet by Tim Berners-Lee, phones are now capable of surfing the Web, tracking locations, and capturing images. Now, we ask, would we have the kind of luxury and convenience in doing our everyday tasks if, first and foremost, no one invented the telephone? What if Alexander Graham Bell did not think of creating a magnificent machine that allows people to speak to people separated by geographical distance? Well, the answer might vary and would depend on probabilities, like other inventors in the likes of Joseph Henry, who invented the electric telegraph, or Thomas Edison, could actually thought of inventing the telephone. A reluctant response might be that cellular phones are impossible to surface, and the Internet remains a mystery to the humanity. This essay attempts to present the possibilities if Alexander Graham Bell had never created the electric telephone, and highlights the importance of this invention to humanity’s history. ...
Meucci, among other telephone inventors, was reportedly the first “to have a functioning electric telephone” which he attempted to patent (Meucci 9). Then there was Elisha Gray who was also regarded as the one who first patented the telephone close with Bell’s filing of patency in 1876 (Evenson 3). There were conspiracies regarding who really is to be credited for the telephone’s invention, but the federal government credited Alexander Graham Bell for patenting the telephone’s creation (Evenson 3). Alexander Graham Bell undoubtedly has been part of the pages of world history. Bell is a notable inventor, scientist, and teacher. Born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Bell was known for his pet name Alec (Feinstein 1). His contemporary, Samuel Morse, also invented a communication device, which was the telegraph, which enables the transmission of electrical impulses that result in dots and dashes (Feinstein 10). These dots and dashes represent the letters of the alphabet and can be interpreted using the Morse code (Feinstein 11). Although he received a patent in 1840, Morse’s electric telegraph had certain shortcomings. It did not cater the needs of ordinary people since it cannot be connected to their respective homes, and second, it was quite expensive. Feinstein wrote that, while the telegraph was a big leap towards the advances in communication, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone “truly conquered time and distance” and “create a world in which people were as close to each other as the nearest phone” (19). 3.0 Period of Natural Science and Technology Early and late nineteenth century was a period marked by the fall of European and Asian empires and the rise of the German, British, American, and Japanese ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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