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A comparing and contrasting about the work,lives and the impact on society of Kate Chopin and Winslow Homer - Research Paper Example

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An artist is someone who is often found engaged in a creative activity, and in any way contributed in the production or demonstration of any kind of art. In this context, in order to explain who an artist is, it is crucial to explicate what art might imply (Galerie & Fuchs…
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A comparing and contrasting paper about the work,lives and the impact on society of Kate Chopin and Winslow Homer
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Extract of sample "A comparing and contrasting about the work,lives and the impact on society of Kate Chopin and Winslow Homer"

Download file to see previous pages However, the standard for a piece of work to qualify as art is the essence of aesthetics in the work. For instance, when a painter derives his imagination in the form of a painting, or an actor presents his work on a stage drama, or a writer consummates his feelings in the form of a story, these are all forms of art, and those producing such work with a sense of aesthetics are the artists.
In this context, both Kate Chopin and Winslow Homer are distinguished artists in their respective fields with valuable contributions in the field. Kate Chopin was an American story writer and novelist, whose work consists of feminist elements. Her stories were targeted for almost all age groups, particularly for children, and were often published in magazines like the Atlantic Monthly and The Century Magazine. Her work led towards the attainment of the St Louis Walk of Fame Award for her diverse array of publications during the era (Tothe 1990). On the other hand, Winslow Homer was an American Landscape painter and also a printmaker. Working as a commercial illustrator, he eventually took up oil painting to produce studio work seeking advantage of the weight and density of the medium he was using. Later, he also utilized water colors for producing paintings and other studio works. One of his earliest works includes the painting of Prisoners from the front which was exhibited in Paris. The main subject of interest was the life of the peasants and indulged into the marine themed paintings once he moved to Maine (Goodriche 1959). The greatest achievement of his work tends to be the commemorative stamp released by the US post office to honor his art. Though both the artists have immense contributions in the field of art during the initial phase of the twentieth century, yet their works differ to a large extent. On one hand where Chopin`s work focused on contemporary yet typical themes like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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