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Both work as air traffic controllers, a stressful job that has seen many dismissed for non- performance. Nick boasts of his ability to work as an air controller with the…
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Pushing Tin
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Pushing Tin Pushing Tin is 1999 movie directed by Mike Newell with Nick Falzone and Russell Bell as the main characters. Both work as air traffic controllers, a stressful job that has seen many dismissed for non- performance. Nick boasts of his ability to work as an air controller with the busiest airspaces in the country and for his ability to take up the pressure. He is surprised when a new air controller by the name Bell is deployed on the same job and outdoes him on all the operations. Bell is an interesting man who seldom speaks but has great concentration capacity that makes his tasks outstanding. Although Nick is a happily married man to a sweet wife Connie, he falls for Bells wife when he met her at a supermarket. Nick has a sincere character full of intelligence that enables him get on the track, through Bell’s help after her wife leaves him.
The movie unravels several stress levels experienced by a diverse workforce. The changing times of globalisation comes with added demands on the workers to perform more duties diligently at the same pay as before. Integrated stress model describes stressors as occurring in workplaces, which include nonworking experiences, and during major life transitions (Edward 410). Lazarus and Folkman as quoted by NEIU argue that stressors are life experiences or circumstances that threaten a major goal including maintenance of ones physical integrity and psychological well being (Kemeny 1). Stressors affect various cognition states causing anxiety, sadness, frustration, helplessness, and an overwhelmed self-being. The model advocates for filtering stressors in that a stressor can be exciting to one person and harmful to another. In addition, the model suggests personality, skills, family health history, demographics, diet, and physical fitness as some moderators of stress.
From the movie Pushing Tin, Nick’s skills make him outstanding on a job that has so much pressure. When the airline management decides to layoff other air controllers, Nick manages to keep his job. He boasts of his ability to handle intense stress in a job that has a very high percentage of staff turnovers. Integrated model helps us explain why two individuals subjected to similar stressful work conditions will behave differently. While the job conditions excite and work well for Nick, the same conditions are so adverse to other air controllers and they have to quick job. Nick has special capabilities and resilience that makes him stand out. In the same stressful working conditions, Bell comes in and outperforms Nick. Bell has advanced skills that make him land many planes safely to the ground. His nuance personality gives him high levels of concentration that makes Nick envy him. Integrated model also helps us explain why Nick would not perform well in his job later in the movie. Nick turned to alcoholism after Connie; her wife left him and lost his outstanding performance skills. Nick lost his job as a result, when he almost caused two mid-air collisions in one shift at work. Life stressors have affected his mind and he can no longer think straight. He is in a helpless state until Bell helps him on the track. A reconciliation with his wife Connie brings back light in Nick’s life, restoring his job.
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