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Barcelona is a beautiful, ancient city which began in 1 A.D. when the Romans established a small colony around the Taber mount in northeastern parts of Spain. At that time it was known as Barcino. Barcino was one of the small colonies situated on a strategic location between two rivers and easily defensible…
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Barcelona Grid System
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Titus Rock Manickam Order No. 279496 09 March 2009 Barcelona (A study of the Barcelona Grid System) Introduction Barcelona is a beautiful, ancient city which began in 1 A.D. when the Romans established a small colony around the Taber mount in northeastern parts of Spain. At that time it was known as Barcino. Barcino was one of the small colonies situated on a strategic location between two rivers and easily defensible. The capital of this region was known as Tarraco.
The grid system possibly came into existence around the fourth century when Barcino was consolidated and began to expand. The system of feudalism was in existence then. The position of the city and its coast provided the advantage for it to grow as a political, religious and trade center (History).
The active trend socially and economically drew the city out of its walls and at the end of the thirteenth century another wall was built around the new settlements known as viles noves (new houses). Around the 14th century another stretch of walls began to be constructed. Architects such as Antoni Gaudi in the latter half of the 19th century planned extension of the city on a rigid grid system (History of Barcelona).
Good and Bad Effects
The grid system occupies space in the form of artistic constructions and wide roads. While this raises the aesthetic feel it aggravates the requirement of modern constructions where space is at premium (Architecture).
Today the city of Barcelona is fabulous and one of the costliest in the world to live in. It has beautiful buildings, a university, museum, wide roads, hotels, and golf courses. The city is a marvel and it beckons the world from its pristine Mediterranean shores.



Barcelona Map,


History of Barcelona, Read More
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