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Re evaluating Quebec Tuition Fees - Essay Example

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Over the course of history, societies strive to educate their people so as to respond effectively and creatively to the needs of time. Similarly, societies recognize the people's need to fulfill their inquisitiveness and aesthetic impulses, as well as to be able to contribute and utilize their knowledge to produce goods and services to the society in which they live in…
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Re evaluating Quebec Tuition Fees
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Extract of sample "Re evaluating Quebec Tuition Fees"

Download file to see previous pages It is in this light that this paper aims to re-evaluate Quebec's Universities Tuition fees.
Education in Canada is the responsibility of each province, with this; educational system varies from province to province. The provinces have their respective department of education, which exercises control over most facet of the educational system from teacher's certification, to development of curriculum as well as the nature of the yearly provincial appropriations to mention a few. With regards to post-secondary education, responsibility likewise goes to the individual provinces. The provincial government contributes majority of the funding to their post-secondary institutions and the balance of the funding come from tuition fees, federal government and research grants among others.
Quebec's educational system requires children to attend school until the level of Secondary V. All Quebec residents are entitled to pre-school, elementary and secondary school services which are free of charge in public schools. The province likewise, has a high percentage of children going to private schools. It can be inferred from the table below that, the provincial government grants a pro-rata subsidy for a child attending a private school upon its compliance with its prescribed criterion. However, despite of this subsidy, the tuition fees continues to be very high. Similarly, it fosters a debate regarding subsidies to private elementary and secondary schools over the years.
Table 1- Revenues of Private and Secondary Schools Revenue1
On the other hand, for the post-secondary education, most students continue to Collge d' enseignment general et professional or CEGEP, which is a preparation for university studies.
Table 2- Average undergraduate tuition fees for academic year 2006-2007 2
What is note worthy about the educational system of Quebec is that it subsidizes post-secondary education and is known for the low cost of university education.
Table 3- Universities and colleges revenue and expenditures, by province and territory 3 (Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan)
$ thousands
Total revenue
Own source revenue
Sales of goods and services
Tuition fees
Other sales of goods and services
Investments income
Other own source revenue
Transfers from other levels of governments
Federal government
Provincial governments
Local governments
Total expenditures
Postsecondary education
Support to students
Other postsecondary education expenses
Debt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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