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Gender and Genre in Shakespeare's Plays - Essay Example

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This essay discusses gender and genre in Shakespeare’s plays, it also seeks to analyse three Shakespeare plays, King Lear, the Winter’s Tale, and Richard ІІІ by considering the incorporation of genre into gender using the plays’ lead characters…
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Gender and Genre in Shakespeares Plays
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Download file to see previous pages He brings with him his masculine traits of cold practicality and dispassionate logic while trying to woo her. After she accepts his marriage offer and the ring, he asks rhetorically whether any other woman had ever been wooed with such humor and expresses surprise that a woman could actually accept a marriage proposal from a man who had killed her father in law and husband. Congratulating himself, he attributes the success of his proposal to the female heart’s forgetful fickleness. After casually distancing himself from Anne as he had foretold when he admitted that he was not keeping her for long, he attempts to woo the eldest daughter of Edward IV in order to solidify the throne. In stark contrast to his wooing of Anne, Richard is forced to use proxy by first wooing Elizabeth Woodville who is an enemy. In his eyes, Elizabeth Woodville discredited by her birth as a commoner and as a woman (McEvoy, 2006 p49). He does not recognize the character strengths that she must have had to refuse King Edward IV’s advances unless he proposed marriage. While she does accept his proposal, he misjudges her character. He calls her a relenting fool of a woman who was shallow, changing and falls for his advances, while her acceptance was based, on the necessity, to keep the peace at any cost. He attributes the actions of the queen to feminine qualities of domestic concerns rather than the subtly masculine ones of high politics, pragmatism, and logic. While Elizabeth Woodville was only one of the persons that Richard misread her significance is in revealing one of the king’s character flaws. This flaw is his underestimation of characters based on what he considered as female weakness. Shakespeare also incorporates genre into gender in The Winter’s Tale by...
This essay mostly focuses on the incorporation of genre into gender using the plays by Shakespeare, such as the Winter’s Tale, King Lear and Richard III. First play that the researcher mentiones is Richard III. One way that Richard ІІІ, the main protagonist of the play incorporates genre into gender is through gender stereotyping. Richard’s disagreeable nature and deformities at the end of the War of the Roses turn him into an outsider within a palace devoted to seduction and romance. From the opening lines of his soliloquy, he expresses his disgust in gendered terms. In the first act, of scene one, a man with a stooped shoulder is condemning the transition of the court from masculine aggressiveness of wartime to the feminine activities of carousing and dancing. Other examples used in this play by Shalespeare were also presented by the researcher. Shakespeare also incorporates genre into gender in The Winter’s Tale by weaving misogyny into his play. This essay describes the first scene of act one, when Leontes enquires why Hermione has been so silent and asks her to join the conversation. He implies that Hermione, as with all females, talk too much. The last play that was analyzed in this essay is King Lear. The king in the play looks at human sexuality as a terrifying and horrific thing and is of the belief that the majority of women are prone to promiscuity. He is also convinced that a majority of them are actual monsters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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