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Shakespearean Woman: Lady Macbeth - Research Paper Example

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Shakespearean Woman: Lady Macbeth Your Name University/College name Shakespearean Women: Lady Macbeth William Shakespeare wrote plays that were defined by the human experience, his ability to define emotional expression as it relates to life transcending time and culture…
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Shakespearean Woman: Lady Macbeth
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Download file to see previous pages Macbeth is a story of complexity and intrigue in which the characters are explored thoroughly in an examination of some of the darkest emotional states that human beings can endure. The play is uniquely situated in its culture as it works as a supportive literary metaphor for the agenda of King James I. The ‘evil’ within the play speaks to two aspects King James I felt were important: that of witchcraft and that of establishing the legitimacy of his reign over Scotland. William Shakespeare wrote during the last half of the 16th century and the first decade and a half of the 17th century. The plays that he wrote were defined by their iambic pentameter poetic form which is notoriously clever and intellectually framed. The well developed emotional contexts are explored through an understanding of how human beings relate to one another and respond to conflict and challenges. Not only was the poetic form of the highest quality, the substance of the plays were filled with a complexity of emotions, while still being accessible to contemporary audiences of the time. The body of work attributed to William Shakespeare remains as some of the best work done for the theater. There are almost 40 plays attributed to him and over 150 sonnets. One of the most controversial aspects of his work is that it is possible that not all of the plays attributed to him were written by him, or possibly not entirely written by him. One example of this that fuels the controversy is the way in which Romeo and Juliet begins like a classic comedy, but has a decidedly tragic end. Speculation about the origins of the work has never diminished the association that William Shakespeare has had to those plays. Hudson, although a critic from the turn of the 19th century, suggests that Shakespeare did not write all of Macbeth, especially the second act, which seems to be far more similar to the work of Thomas Middleton in rhythm and timing (Shakespeare & Hudson, 1900, p. 126). During his career, he wrote during the ending period when Queen Elizabeth I reigned until her death when James I became king in 1603. Shakespeare’s theater company had been renamed The King’s Men from Lord Chamberlain’s men when King James I took the throne. James I had contributed a great deal in literary form, and had considered the occult and the pursuit of witches as a part of the theological discourse of the period. It was James I work Daemonologie was used as the foundation for the addition of the element of witchcraft and the nature of the witches in the play Macbeth. According to Shamas (2007), it is likely that the work Macbeth was a commissioned work, by King James I as the play seems to support the agenda of the king as well as legitimize the Stuart myth of Scottish history. Shamas (2007) states that Macbeth “was an instrument of the state, and in so being, was expected to illustrate and glorify the political causes of King James” (p. 19). One of the primary issues that King James I was concerned about was the eradication of witches within his state, having been integrally involved in many of the trials and ’confessions’ that were attained through torture. In combining this focus with the nature of his promotion of the Stuart myths, Macbeth served the purposes of the King. The first way in which Shakespeare engages the agenda of King James I in the play is through the use of witches to provide dark ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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