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Improving Organizational Communication through CFM - Essay Example

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Conway Inn & Hotel is a privately owned company in which I work as a manager. The establishment has been up since 1975 with its major stated aim being to make the patrons and guests feel at home. …
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Improving Organizational Communication through CFM
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Download file to see previous pages Conway Inn & Hotel has gone through reductions in customer flow in the last two and a half years, which has seen cutbacks in some of the services offered by the organization. Because of the reduction of customer flow, many customers have stopped frequenting the establishment, which has occasioned small-scale staff layoffs. Consequently, the organization has seen a decrease in revenues, which has also affected the confidence of the employees in the organization’s capability to keep them employed. An increase in customer flow and subsequent transition into a high performance organization can go some way in resolving this issue. The organization would also like to explore the possibility of franchising into Best Western. The customer flow at Conway Inn & Hotel has slowed down, which can be seen by reviewing the registration logs that are meant to alert the organization on dropping rates of customer flow. The establishment has been popular with the local population, as well as visitors travelling through the town because of various amenities offered, such as cab services, free Wi-Fi connection, and refrigerators in the rooms. The downturn in customer flow, however, has seen the organization cut back on several services, which must be maintained if they are to have a competitive advantage over their competitors. There have been several attempts to improve on customer service, although the organization has been faced with difficulties with this because of the reduced customer flow. Therefore, this analytical research paper will seek to answer the question: “How can Conway Inn & Hotel transition into a high performance organization?” The best way to do this, as will be argued, is through customer flow management, or CFM. Literature Review Customer flow manag ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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