Bilingualism and Immigration in Quebec: Integration through Childrens Voices - Thesis Example

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In the Quebec, the top source countries of immigrants are different from those of the rest of Canada. The dual nature of Brazilian immigration is vital in knowing the structure of…
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Bilingualism and Immigration in Quebec: Integration through Childrens Voices
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"Bilingualism and Immigration in Quebec: Integration through Childrens Voices"

Download file to see previous pages In accordance with Canadian immigration data, until 2000 an average of 52 percent of Brazilian immigrants was females. This percentage goes up to 58.2 percent by 2010. Out of the more or less 15,000 legal immigrants into Canada, the majority (i.e. 55 percent) were dependent relatives, generally wives, and kids (Steven, 2006).
Immigrating to a new country was not the decision of these kids but their parents’. Parents mostly know that there is something to look ahead when immigrating since they are directly involved during the immigration procedure. They realize that may have to face a few challenges, for instance, new language, new culture, and new ways of thinking. Parents of the children in this inquiry opted to shift to a new country; however, their children did not (Weissbrodt and Danielson, 2010).
As children develop fresh social networks when shifted to a new country, they can be confronted with issues with respect to their cultural understanding concerning their native and new country as well as identity of self and others. These issues might cause lack of confidence and social and cultural values. However, other immigrant children are capable of adjusting without allowing the differences to influence their confidence (Li, 2003).
The aim of this study is to recognize seven multicultural Brazilian children’s language use, identities, and language ideologies as they talk about their experiences. The study further looks at aspects that they think might have influenced their adjustment within Quebec society.
The objective of this study is to observe the influence of Brazilian and Canadian cultural approach toward the children’s views of bilingualism as well as biliteracy, their sense of self and the way they view their new lives influence on the construction of their identities.
The population of Brazilian bilingual children in Quebec has been growing in the last years. With the increasing number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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