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Teaching Method - Essay Example

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The student teacher relationship is essentially important and may be defined as a speaker-listener relationship. The teacher acts as the 'speaker' and the student is supposed to be a 'listener'. The teacher tells the reality but does not show its existence…
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Teaching Method
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Extract of sample "Teaching Method"

Download file to see previous pages He does not experience but take inspirations. He does not try to understand but believe in what the teacher says. The student knows that density is mass per unit volume but he does not know what is density; what mass is indicated And what volume are they talking about. The present educational programs are not as good as they should be. Presently the teachers are not fulfilling their task of educating the students properly. Thus a proper system should be developed by the teachers which pave a way for the students to prosper. This article would further give a review about how the students should be taught in a proper manner.
Nowadays the college in which I am studying does not focus on building up the students own views. Instead the teachers focus on the views portrayed by them only. For e.g. the teachers give their view in such a way that the students cannot put in their own thoughts into the subject. This type of educational system is ruining the student's future as in the future these students are not capable to put in their own thoughts if any future situation arises. As described by Paulo Friere the present teaching system does not enlighten the students about their studies. It just describes the teachers own feelings and views. The professors nowadays are not giving in different views on the subjects, instead they are just telling one side of the story. This therefore leads the students to have a particular belief derived from their teacher's views. While the teaching system which should be developed all over should include the overall concepts of teaching, it is the duty of the teachers to give in both the perspective on a particular topic. They should focus on enlightening the students rather then making the students store the views of the teachers themselves. The teachers are using their designation wrongly and are posing the students a threat. This threat is very dangerous if seen from a student's perspective. The teachers are wrongly using their power to influence the students about one particular topic even if it is wrong or right. This clearly can be seen in a recent incident which happened in the University of Wisconsin when Kevin Barret a professor in the University gave his views on the 9/11 attacks. The views given in by the professors were not proved and rather one sided supported by his own thoughts and perspectives. As the professor had influence on some of the students of the University they took it as reality. This shows that how biased one teacher can be when presenting a topic. The students interviewed during this research clearly showed that their views and perspectives were similar to that of the teachers. When interviewed they were not fully aware of the facts on one given thought. This shows that the teachers are not providing the students with both the ground facts on one topic, but are rather emphasizing on a one sided story. Thus it is necessary for the teaching system to improve in such a way that it is beneficial for the students. For the teaching system to enhance it is necessary that the teachers provide the students with adequate discussion in the class on a particular topic. Students should be allowed to put in their own personal views when addressing a topic. They should be provided with proper guidance by the teachers so they can pursue a topic. Nowadays the professors are indoctrinating their students rather than educating them. However this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teaching Method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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