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To understand better why it is important for educators to understand how to interpret test scores, it would be necessary to state the purpose of scoring tests. Determining the purpose of scores in tests, be it diagnostic test or aptitude test would lead us to understand the…
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Why is it important for educators to understand how to interpret test scores
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"Why is it important for educators to understand how to interpret test scores"

Download file to see previous pages Through this objective and measurable assessment, educators can then device effective methods for intervention to improve the student’s performance and then retested again to see if the intervention was effective.
Interpreting test scores will also give educator’s the unique insight and ability to assess the efficacy of their own teaching method whether it has achieved its goal by comparing the actual scores of its intended audience to the their objective. It will also allow them to evaluate if the tools they use for teaching serve its purpose. This insight which test score interpretation provides enable educator’s to address any identified any weakness both in their teaching method and curricula and provides them the opportunity to improve.
Thus, it is it important for educators to understand how to interpret test scores not only to rank or grade students, but more importantly, determine if their methods, tools and their selves are effective as educators and that their tools and methods serve the purpose of educating their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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