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Implementation of a Communication Tool Kit To Enhance Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Patients - Research Paper Example

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Implementing a effective communication tool kit in order to improve the communication gap between the healthcare providers and patients is a matter of concern in present scenario. This approach is needed to improve the patient compliance, awareness regarding the treatment procedures so that better decision making can be done by patients in consideration of cost-effective therapy…
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Implementation of a Communication Tool Kit To Enhance Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Patients
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Extract of sample "Implementation of a Communication Tool Kit To Enhance Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Patients"

Download file to see previous pages For the purpose it is important to improve or reduce the communication gap between healthcare providers such as physicians and patients. This will be beneficial for both physicians as well patient in improving the medical practice. Physician learns how to deliver bad news such as suffering from cancer to a patient, understanding the emotions of patient, helping them regarding decision-making such as signing an informed consent for a clinical trail. On the other hand the patient feels comfortable and understands the treatment strategies with confidence. The protocol as discussed by Stephanie, Anthony, Susan, and Susan (2002) is depicted in the Table 1.
As reported in a publication Elliot et al (2006) a study was conducted by the American College of Physicians Foundation (ACPF) and the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) from 2002-2005 regarding implementation of Information Prescription (or "Information Rx") Program. According this study internet with proper health websites can be a useful tool for improving communication between physician and patient. In this the ACPF and NLM recommended the physicians to encourage patients to visit the evidence based and health informative website The physicians were provided with Information Prescription (or "Information Rx") pads. These pads were used to provide the information regarding the website the patient should visit in order to get clarity about the treatment apart from the regular prescription. In the protocol the promotional materials kit that was mailed to physicians of the American College of Physicians (ACP) as per the two project pilot states of Iowa and Georgia. The contained the Information Prescription (or "Information Rx") pads along with supplementation of room posters and bookmarks for the waiting room. Two comprehensive evaluations were done the first one included the survey of pre and post-intervention Information Rx mail, performing telephonic interviews and using web log analyses. The second comprehensive evaluation included non-random selection of ninety-two physicians by ACP foundation to encourage the practices for the use and visit of website It was concluded from the study that physician and patient communication gap was improved with use of Information Rx pads. The physicians found that MedlinePlus is a useful website in promoting the patients self efficacy, understanding the treatment procedures, believing on the physician more and reduced the time needed to spend to patients by a physician. On the other hand the patients were able make better health decisions, able to communicate and understand the treatments and concept regarding the disease.
In other study as suggested by Bauer (2010) Probability-Utility Model was studied as a model for improving communication between healthcare providers and patients. The model ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Implementation of a Communication Tool Kit To Enhance Communication Research Paper.
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