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Outline 1. Introduction 2. Tools Analysis a. Gantt Chart b. Logic Network c. PERT Chart d. Product Breakdown Structure e. Work Breakdown Structure 3. Additional tools 4. Risk Management 5. Overview 6. Conclusion Introduction IT project management is often regarded as the most significant part of proper business management…
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Project Management Skills Task Coursework
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Download file to see previous pages In the light of the fact that, it should be emphasized that some tools are not suitable for the tasks of such a nature, additional tools will be required for controlling the project management execution. Moreover, these additional tools will be needed for proper tracking of the planned activities, while standard tools and charts can be applied as the project implementation planning tools mainly. This can be explained by the fact that IT projects that involve several aspects (preparation, installation, adjustment and customization, teaching, servicing), and the team is small enough, the tasks should be divided into several sub-tasks for proper project management. The key defined tools involve Gantt Chart, Logic Network, PERT chart, PBS and WBS. As a rule, these are universal control and execution planning tools, nevertheless, there is a need to divide the project into several sub-tasks, delegate the responsibility for executing several sub-tasks simultaneously, as well as consider effective risk management options. Risk management may be regarded as an essential part of the overall project implementation. This is explained by the fact that the credibility of risk emerging is higher than zero. Additionally, the initial circumstances of the project implementation presuppose sufficient risks for the timely execution of all the project phases. Tools Analysis Gantt Chart This type of project management tools is regarded as one of the classic instruments. As a rule, most project management practices are associated with dividing the project into several phases, and Gantt Chart is the best tool for controlling the implementation of every particular phase. It is suitable for controlling the implementation of the subtasks, while the overall project management should be executed by the means of additional tools. Considering the pros and cons of the tool, it should be emphasized that the Gantt Chart has become a universal and simple tool for defining the “skeleton” of the project, additionally, its functionality may be extended which offers a wide range of additional opportunities. Bolles and Hubbard (2007) emphasize that Gantt Chart is regarded as a reliable tool for small projects, since a restricted amount of activities can fit the tool format perfectly. On the other hand, projects with several subtasks can become messed. This is explained by the fact that the breakdown structure is often defined simultaneously with the project scheduling, while these activities can be performed sequentially only: scheduling after breakdown structure creation. Moreover, the tool does not allow including sufficient project data. (Pinto, 2002) In fact, it may be included, though the project may become too heavy and entangled, which complicates the communication process seriously. Since the key phases of the project are mainly associated with upgrading and adjusting computers, the Gantt Chart will not be an effective tools, as sufficient preparation work should be done. The preparation phase involves: 1. Collecting accurate database of the machines 2. Defining the optimal upgrade algorithm 3. Creating the training program 4. Matching the working schedule of the departments with the project activities Chart Phase Week1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Database collection ? ? Training development ? ? ? Scheduling ? ? Upgrade ? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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