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Does Communication Matter in ALL Fields - Essay Example

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However, communications is sometimes perceived as being more important in some sectors than in others. This perception is immensely erronous because communication is equally important in all fields. As such, it is important for people…
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Does Communication Matter in ALL Fields
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Extract of sample "Does Communication Matter in ALL Fields"

Does Communication Matter in all Fields? Does Communication Matter in all Fields? Introduction Communication is an integral part of life. However, communications is sometimes perceived as being more important in some sectors than in others. This perception is immensely erronous because communication is equally important in all fields. As such, it is important for people in all fields to develop and utilize effective communication skills. This paper provides an overview of the ways in which effective communication is actually vital in various fields (in which communication is generally regarded as non-essential) in order to prove the hypothesis that communication matters in all fields.
Attaining success in the field of business is heavily reliant on the attainment of effective communication. In this field it is necessary for stakeholders to use the right communication tools to communicate the appropriate message and to do so in a timely manner. In fact, in business, communication is a vital key that managers rely on to motivate and their staff and other stakeholders to aspire toward the attainment of organizational goals and success. The importance of communication in business today can also be proven by the fact that most successful corporations have corporate communication departments which deal with improving communication. Studies indicate that people who work in business-oriented fields spend over nearly three quarters of their time at work communicating (Phillips & Friedman, 2008).It is findings such as these that have driven employers in the business field to put more emphasis on the need to employ people who can communicate effectively. In fact, lack of effective language skills, low self-assurance in communication and improper body language have been cited as some of the most common reasons why employers disqualify potential employees in business-related fields. This is perhaps due to the fact that employers look for a recruit who can communicate effectively on a global scale because of increased globalization (Phillips & Friedman, 2008).
In science- related fields, communication is also just as important. There is a prevalent perception in society today that people in science-related fields are mostly aloof and have very minimal communication skills. While this perception is not entirely accurate, it is a fact that it is often easier for scientists to communicate with their colleagues than it is for them to do so with those not in the realm of science. However, effective communication matters in the field of science because; ultimately, scientists need to express their ideas to non-scientists in order for these ideas to get tested, proven appreciated and put to use (Motluk, 2011). In fact, effective communication may be even more vital in the field of science than in other areas because scientists need to communication in a manner that enables non-scientists to easily decipher messages that have been encoded in a complex manner. For instance, in the field of medicine, it is important for doctors to communicate the technical aspects of their profession to their patients in a way that patients can comprehend in order for them to achieve good health. This is perhaps why employees are science related fields are increasingly being expected to take courses in development of people skills and communication in order to learn verbal and non-verbal cues of communication.
Communication is rarely considered essential in technical fields such as engineering and architecture. However, this is not the case. Just as is the case in the area of science, it is important for individuals in the technical arena to be capable of communicating properly in order for them to implement their ideas/work. While it is possible to formulate technical ideas with minimal interaction, such interaction is unavoidable during the implementation phase. It is impossible to interact without communication. In the technical field, just as in any other field, there are many information needs that must be met. In order to meet these needs, communication is essential. For instance, in order for personnel in engineering firm to meet the expectations of their clients, there must be able to understand the information provided by their clients on various projects and vice versa.
All in all, it is evident that communication matters in all fields. Communication is a vital necessity in all human interactions. Since such interactions occur in all fields, it is misguided to assume that communication only matters in fields such as marketing and journalism. While effective communication skills may be more essential in some fields, this does not mean that such skills do not matter in areas such as science or business.
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Phillips, J. J., & Friedman, W. (2008). Communication and Implementation: Sustaining the Practice. New York: Wiley-Blackwell. Read More
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Does Communication Matter in ALL Fields Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Does Communication Matter in ALL Fields Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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