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How did major discoveries in physics change the course of chemistry and interpretations of the discoveries - Term Paper Example

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Yunzheng Jiang PHYS 419 Term Paper Draft Undeniably, numerous technological advancements present today resulted from early discoveries though through critical inquiries of other previous scientists, which yielded to more developments. This is especially true in advancing and challenging what former intellectuals stated irrespective of their different specializations to come up with extremely complicated gadgets, for instance, in the communication field moving from stationary gadgets to hand held and mobile devices…
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How did major discoveries in physics change the course of chemistry and interpretations of the discoveries
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"How did major discoveries in physics change the course of chemistry and interpretations of the discoveries"

Download file to see previous pages This led to more complex applications that have improved humanity’s standards of living besides drawing a clear distinction between man and other animals, which the latter do not possess such kind of heightened intellectual capacity. Some of the early major physics discoveries or developments that have greatly impacted humanity’s life comprise those of Isaac Newton and Faraday whose respective theories’ contributions are still evident today (Heidarzadeh, 2008). This is especially in the current world where some technological inventions trace their roots from laws these scholars brought forward, though due to certain sophistications unveiled by incumbent scientists appear as if they are completely new. Theme/Thesis: Therefore, this paper will critically highlight diverse major scientific historical discoveries with much emphasis on electromagnetism and thermodynamics unveiled by early inventors and controversies that characterize them even though their respective contributions led to major breakthroughs evident today (Heidarzadeh, 2008). ...
They have either cold and hot or wet and dry characteristics (Woody, 2008). Based on this expounding, Aristotle without doubt assumed all other things irrespective of their minor compositions each represent a unique homogenous substance though later he came up with a fifth category calling it “aether” (matter that occupies universe). Based on the aether hypothesis, this category comprised of “incorruptible” things whose existence is eternal besides being devoid of clear sign of aging (Heidarzadeh, 2008). This based on Aristotle is untrue because he contended the four matters are basic compounds of an individual except the fifth category (Woody, 2008). The four elements during creation were in proportion with each person’s magnitude though there is no evidence of unit quantities meant for given sizes of human beings. The most intriguing aspect concerning his theory was how he contended the four elements were unique or pure but did not exist anywhere secluded or being on their own except in combined form (Woody, 2008). After the invention of this theory for approximately 2000 years, it found numerous applications in both philosophy and other scientific related fields like physics as well as chemistry (Woody, 2008). Earth despite the scholar citing is a unique element comprises of numerous aspects including rocks and minerals similar to H2O, which based on the current scientific knowledge has elements of Hydrogen and water (Heidarzadeh, 2008). This is completely confusing because based on the current chemistry; it states an element is any substance having a homogenous material whose alterations is only by subjecting it to a chemical process or physical disturbance. This is either to gain or lose certain amount of material ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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