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Ballet Don Quixote - Essay Example

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Th rlist production of Don Quixot s bllt is dtd bck to 1740 prformd by Frnz Hilvrding in Vinn. It ws lso in Vinn, in 1768, tht Jn-Gorgs Novrr producd nw vrsion with music by Josf Strzrin s stir on his rivl, Gspr ngiolini. nothr production of Don Quixot ws chorogrphd by Polo Frnchi for th Ttro ll Scl, Miln in Dcmbr 1783…
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Ballet Don Quixote
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Extract of sample "Ballet Don Quixote"

Download file to see previous pages Th first Russin production ws producd by Chrls Didlot in two cts in St Ptrsburg in 1808, nd in 1809 vrsion ws mountd in nglnd by Jms Hrvy D'gvill. Pul Tglioni (brothr of bllrin Mri Tglioni) prsntd vrsion in Brlin in 1839 nd his uncl Slvtor Tglioni st production t th Ttro Rgio, Turin during th 1843/44 sson. lthough ll ths rly bllt vrsions of th story wr bsd on th first pisods of Crvnts story thy vrid grtly in styl nd th mtril thy chos to includ. Th first tim tht th mor comic pisods, tht rvolvd round Quitri (Kitri), Bsilio nd Cmcho (Gmch) wr usd succssfully ws in th Pris Opr production of 1801 with chorogrphy by Louis Milon. It ws titld Ls Nocs d Gmch. Th rol of Bsilio ws dncd by ugust Vstris.
Th librtto tht ws followd by ugust Bournonvill in 1837 for his 3 ct Don Quixot t Cmcho's Wdding in Copnhgn for this production bcm populr nd it ws chorogrphd to mlng of music by Giocchino Rossini, tinn Mhul, Gspr Spontini, Jn Schnitzhoffr nd mor, rrngd by Otto Zinck. Milon's librtto ws lso usd by Brnrdo Vstris for his 1844/45 production t L Scl, but most notbly it ws th inspirtion for Mrius Ptip's vrsion for th Bolshoi Thtr in 1869. Ptip's vrsion of Don Quixot, to th music of Minkus who ws commissiond to writ dditionl music for nw fifth ct consisting of thr scns into which th court of Duk nd Duchss ws introducd ws to bcom th stndrd bllt vrsion of th tl.
Ltr on Don Quixot ws introducd in Moscow, nd this xplins lot. Th 19th cntury critics lvishd pris on th prmir, clling th nw bllt " vision of rsplndnc, splndor nd luxury throughout" - in thtricl crnivl ur, torrid Spnish moods, pripthis of plot nd crtinly, th flming dncs, by which Ptip in th brk of his crr clbrts victory ovr his jlous comptitors. In 1900 th bllt xprincs rnissnc whn lxndr Gorsky crts his own vrsion for th Mriinsky Thtr in St Ptrsburg.
Th honstly positiv plot of Lo Minkus' bllt Don Quixot in 1869 is difficult to compr with Crvnts' novl, which cn b clld th grtst stir on humn nthusism. Th chrctrs of th sddst of th knights nd his fithful squir r dpictd in too gnrl stroks. Both bllt composrs - th chif Kpllmistr of th Moscow Bolshoi Thtr, th outstnding violinist nd uthor of 16 bllts Lo Minkus nd th Chif of th Impril bllt, n dvnturr nd wndrr, th lgndry chorogrphr Mrius Ptip - vn did not try to sk sthticlly idlistic dpth in Crvnts' litrry work. Thir prtnrship is missing logicl progrss of plot. Th succss nd nduring ttrction of th bllt Don Quixot lis in th lmnt of dnc. dnc phrs cn somtims ovrlp its ssocitd music.
" Sinc thn, Don Quixot hs continud to b forgd in mny chorogrphic nd musicl vrsions.
Th Octobr Rvolution of 1917 incrsd trror nd slughtrs cross Russi. In its wk, Nichols Srgyv fld to th Wst. H could only tk wht ws ssntil: food, clothing nd th chorogrphy to th clssic bllts. fw yrs ltr, thnks to Srgyv, Wstrn udincs got s th full lngth vrsion of Don Quixot for th first tim. It ws not wht thy xpctd.
Th Spnish pnch nd fir is no doubt wht involvd chorogrphr Mrius Ptip to th proprty in th first plc. nd it's ttrctd just bout vry dncr sinc. Ordinrily, this typ of dncing isn't tht much of posr for dncr - but in Don Quixot, thr's n ddd twist. Ptip's chorogrphy isn't ntirly fithful to th idiom. It's mor lik 'brokn Spnish.' Ptip's bility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ballet Don Quixote Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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