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Arts/sports feature or profile & critique - Essay Example

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Incredible! We investigative journalists are amenable to wildest imaginations; expect odd, difficult and unpredictable situations in the discharge of our fact finding and reporting duties. Some of us like adventures that…
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Arts/sports feature or profile & critique
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Download file to see previous pages Just three members! Only one newspaper and one TV team has been invited. This event has nothing to do with the museum paintings as such. Three top artists of Australia are participating in a contest and submit their painting for final evaluation. A panel of four master-artists will decide which the best one is and obviously who is the greatest amongst them. More of it, when we meet personally! I request you to arrive two hours before the event, which will begin at 4.00 p.m. I have to talk to you on a very important issue….. Keep this invitation a top secret. You know, I always trust you. Be extra careful even with your team members; let them not know in advance where they are heading for. The Museum staff will escort you and your team.
The Cardinal is a great lover of Art. In his churches art flourished. Competitions are held regularly and the budding artists are rewarded and encouraged. The Cardinal has a strong desire to name the top artist in Australia. After a prolonged exercise lasting for six months, three artists are selected for the final round.
The Cardinal is a great artist himself. After close scrutiny of the works of art of those three artists, his big problem is to decide who is the topmost. They are of equal merit. Two of the three are egoistic about their art-knowledge and creativity, and the third one is humble and full of humility. The Cardinal, being the Realized Soul, understands the inner mould of each one of them. He thinks that the time has arrived to make the people of the country know that one of them is the greatest! The final round of competition would decide the issue.
This competition will be held within the premises of Old Melbourne Gaol and Penal Museum! Major General Thomson is a great friend of the Cardinal. There are intelligence reports that an international gang of art smugglers has plans to rob these precious paintings. The gang consists of six members, including two women.
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