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Case Study Example

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The defendant's argument was manifold-one part of which was that since the plaintiff had been removed as a user from eBay, there was no agreement. There were four additional pieces to this argument, that: 1) there was no direct contract between the plaintiff and defendant, but that they each had parallel contracts with eBay; 2) the eBay listing was nothing more than an advertisement, and not an auction; 3) the payment had yet to be agreed upon so there was no agreement; and 4) the plaintiff gave up his bidding rights by participating in the auction.
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Case study Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Question 8:
What did Rein A J regard in an eBay auction as the equivalent of the fall of the hammer in a traditional auction; and what is the significance of each (2 marks)
The fall of the hammer in a traditional auction is complete when the auctioneer announces its completion by the fall of the hammer or in other customary manner-and until any such announcement is made any bidder may retract his or her bid. The equivalent of the fall of the hammer in an eBay auction is the automatic close of bidding at a fixed time and the generation of an eBay advice headed "won" appear to have been accepted by the parties to an eBay auction.

Question 9:
Why was an order for specific performance of the contract appropriate in this case
(2 marks)
An order for specific performance of the contract was appropriate because of two reasons: 1) the Wirraway was not at the time in flying condition, and 2) the plane was in a hangar owned by a third party.
Question 10:
Why was the final order not made in this hearing (1 mark)
It was ruled that a binding contract was formed between the plaintiff3 and the defendant4 and that it should be specifically enforced.5 Further, the two parties would be given a chance to reach agreement on the precise nature of the agreement.
Question 11:
Why was the matter heard in the Supreme Court (4 marks)
This matter was heard in the Supreme Court because the defendant kept appealing to higher courts when the decisions in lower courts were against him (i.e., not in his favour).
TOTAL 30 Marks
Course Profile for: LAWS11030, 2009 Term Two - Page 7
Part B
McMuffins Ltd is a fast food company. Yesterday, before work had started, an argument arose between three kitchen hands: Tom, Dick and Harry. Over the weekend, Tom had offered to sell his...
An order for specific performance of the contract was appropriate because of two reasons: 1) the Wirraway was not at the time in flying condition, and 2) the plane was in a hangar owned by a third party.
It was ruled that a binding contract was formed between the plaintiff3 and the defendant4 and that it should be specifically enforced.5 Further, the two parties would be given a chance to reach agreement on the precise nature of the agreement.
McMuffins Ltd is a fast food company. Yesterday, before work had started, an argument arose between three kitchen hands: Tom, Dick and Harry. Over the weekend, Tom had offered to sell his motorbike to Dick for $5000. Dick said this was far too much but he would pay $4000. Tom refused. Before Tom left for work this morning Dick phoned to say he would buy the motorbike for $5000 but Tom said he had already sold it to Harry for $4,500.
It was not a good day for Dick: he was one of the six employees of McMuffins Ltd that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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 The main issue that needs to be tackled first is whether there is a valid contract between Richard Brat, carrying on trade as Brighton Greens, (buyer) and Molly and Kelly trading in First Grade Granny Smith apples as Holy Farm.

Apparently, there was, when considering their verbal and written mail sent by Richard to Holy Farm on August 1 reading as follows –“Please deliver 20 boxes –Granny Smith ‘Brighton Greens’. Cheque mailed.“

It may be seen that the mail order does not specify the category or grade of apples to be supplied, but one of the implied conditions of sale could be that the goods ordered need to correspond with the goods inspected and tested.

In th...
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This standard requires everyone to take care and control of any activity that is ought to happen or be done by dementia patients as their personal responsibility. The client being Mr Paul is likely to suffer a high head concussion or even a sudden death. Dementia patients don’t have control or clear conscience on the act they do when they feel frustrated, the organization where he was as likely to suffer from poor operation and an eventual closure due to poor treatment of clients.
Quality standards cover the care and support to people living with dementia. The standard applies to all social care settings and services working with caring for people with dementia. The standards also extend to cover care provided by health...
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