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Microsoft - Research Proposal Example

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As the world moves through the 21st century, the level of advancement in technology is quite staggering in nature. No other company has seen a greater level of benefit from the advancement in technology than Microsoft. With the guiding hand of founder Bill Gates, Microsoft, Inc…
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Microsoft Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "Microsoft"

Download file to see previous pages Also, the position which management would have in regards to the technology decisions. Areas, while unique in nature and purpose, can come together to form the bigger picture. That is, a companies ability to achieve a more prosperous state. In regards to the Human Resources Department;
People are Microsoft's greatest asset. Human Resources is responsible for identifying, hiring, and retaining this gifted intellectual talent, as well as developing and administering Microsoft's generous compensation and benefits programs in order to create a quality employee experience. We help maintain Microsoft's fulfilling work environment, which is a catalyst for great achievements," Adding that, "Human Resources ensures that a diverse range of candidates is considered for opportunities. We believe that hiring exceptional, diverse talent gives Microsoft unlimited potential. The result is enhanced product development and employee performance, as well as a connection with communities everywhere," ("Human Resources", p.1)
In respect to the function of management in Human Resources decisions, the hierarchical structure of the company maintains a level of great appreciation for its hiring practices. Being that, those whom they hire, are able to continuously perform at such levels, that the company itself is able to see continued grow and the employees are able to grow along with it. As far as management is concerned, by providing a work environment that fosters growth and greater learning, the achievements made by their workers are far greater in return. As a major participant in the advancement of technological discovery, Microsoft seeks to maintain a corporate image that fosters an impression of excellence in products created, as well as a level of staff that exhibits through performance, the same level of quality and reliability that many have come to expect when purchasing a Microsoft created item. In the outlining of clear expectations for corporate practices, management can enforce the expectations which they have on the basis that, as are the decision making body for the corporation, they are the one's who possess within them the ability to produce results that, in the end, provide for the best possible results for the greatest number of people.
From a standpoint of considering how any change in management can impact further technology, the function of management is placed into greater detail with the announced corporate transition, as a result of Bill Gates stepping aside to pursue other endeavors. In the outlining of clear expectations for corporate practices, management can enforce the expectations which they have on the basis that, as are the decision making body for the corporation, they are the one's that possess within them the ability to produce results that, in the end, provide for the best possible results for the greatest number of people. As it stands;
The question is whether Microsoft can compete as effectively without its founder. Ballmer, who took over as CEO from Gates in 2000 after 20 years as his key exec, is confident it can. That transition had been rough for both parties; according to Ballmer, it took a while ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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