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It needs a body of knowledge as well as unified theoretical structure so that practitioners of technology management may succeed in the creation of the proposed Microsoft Windows dashboard application…
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Flight Planning / Maintenance Dashboard Proposal
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Microsoft Windows Dashboard Application Number) January 20, (Faculty Microsoft Windows Dashboard Application Technology entails diversity of applications, manifestations and disciplines. It needs a body of knowledge as well as unified theoretical structure so that practitioners of technology management may succeed in the creation of the proposed Microsoft Windows dashboard application. Software engineers can succeed in the construction of the application with strategic technology analysis and management. The proposed application will be purposed on giving pilots the ability to conduct mission planning from their assigned tablets. Furthermore, flight engineers will be able to plan for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
The engineers purposed to design the application must have a holistic understanding of evolving technologies as well as the involved inherent functional characteristics. It is incumbent upon the designers to take into consideration similar technologies presented by other technologists. For instance, Peiper (2008) suggest a technological revolution in the Teachers Dashboard. Just like the proposed Microsoft Windows dashboard application Peiper presents a monitoring tablet. A review of such literature lays foundation of the actual research. Gosnell (2005) also presents to us the procedure on the development of a dashboard application. Such literature will play a better role in the research methodology.
The actual research will see to it that all the necessary components of the application are extensively covered. This would include a section for politics with applications for Flight maps, local fuel prices, Weather/NOTAMS, weight and balance and flight plan filing. It will also cover a section for the flight engineers containing maintenance manuals, aircraft maintenance records, part ordering section and maintenance facility scheduling and capabilities. On top of the highlighted objectives, 60 pilots and 25 engineers’ requirements will be covered. Finally, all tablets will be cellular enabled and encrypted. This study is worth considering as it promises a better future for the flight industry.
Gosnell, D. M. (2005). Professional Development with Web APIs: Google, eBay,, MapPoint, FedEx. Boston: John Wiley & Sons.
Peiper, C. E. (2008). A Teacher’s Dashboard: Monitoring Students in Tablet PC Classroom Setting. Cambridge: ProQuest. Read More
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