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Business Project : 24hr. Fitness Heath Club - Research Proposal Example

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In the present complicated business scenario, business organizations are required to manage their business information effectively with the intention of enhancing the business performance. In this regard, businesses are identified to adopt ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’…
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Business Project Proposal: 24hr. Fitness Heath Club
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Download file to see previous pages The club in order to manage the business processes and information efficiently is required to implement one of the prominent present day ERP systems software product i.e. MS Dynamics NAV.
MS Dynamics NAV is implemented with the aim of integrating business processes and business operations under one system. The proposed ERP system will assist the club in integrating different operations that include marketing, sales and customer services among others effectively. The club with the assistance of the ERP system will be able to organize its business operations successfully. The rationale based on which the ERP system is implemented is to assist the management of the club in making effective decisions. The ERP architecture is based on three important elements which include data tier, server or middle tier and client tier. Subsequently, the ERP system is required to be implemented based on certain desired processes for its effective implementation. The implementation of the ERP system is also required to have certain essential elements that include operating system and hardware. In this context, the club with the implementation of ERP system would be able to integrate its business operations under one system for better management of information. Correspondingly, the business operations and information are managed through online infrastructure.
ThCh & IhDj (24/7 Fitness Center), the health and fitness club promotes healthy lifestyle through education in relation to food and healthy eating habits. The club is located in near a residential subdivision i.e. in Los Angeles, California, USA in order to ensure that the customers are able to have access and convenience. The customers registered as club members are facilitated with the opportunity of having effective fitness classes. Additionally, the fitness trainers are entitled with the task of undertaking fitness classes so that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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