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Lucifer and Jesus - Essay Example

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The concept of God is that of the highest good and highest virtue where the good and evil are treated equally. The Christian religion gives acknowledgement to the two sons of God, Jesus and Lucifer. Jesus embodied higher qualities such as love, compassion, and sacrifice, and advocated people to love and worship God…
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Lucifer and Jesus
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Extract of sample "Lucifer and Jesus"

Download file to see previous pages From the beginning, all angels were created equal and holy, but a third of them rebelled against God and fell from their pure state. They were led by the Satan, a liar, murderer and thief. "He hates God and passionately hates God's people" (Stover). It is important to remember that Satan and all the demons are very powerful and brilliant, disguising themselves as an angel of light. Lucifer is the angel of light. God's good angels on the other hand work quietly and work for God. He will always speak of God's glory and their purpose is to redeem us from our sin and help us return back to God. They do not accept worship, but direct you to worship God. They are not bound by mantras or command anyone by their word. Holy angels like Jesus are compassionate, loving and forgiving. They live to serve God, and God's people (Stover).
The image of God as the ultimate commander is quite impressive and magnificent. It is important to know that God uses his "messengers" which are aptly described to us by the Greek word: angels. The Biblical image of the universe as described in the Genesis, Mathews, says Revelation is that of universe which is vibrating with life everywhere. The cosmos is heavily inhabited by wide range of angelic beings of various ranks and species. "Angels are very closely associated with the astronomical phenomena throughout Bible" (Dolphin). The weather is also greatly a result of such activity where wind, storm and lightning are considered as the actions of God, carried out by his messengers. Angels play an important role in acting as blessing as well a curse depending upon their bent of inclination. Since angels are the powers of God, they never rest; everything in this universe is sustained by the animated energy of the angels, working faithfully at the command of God. Martin Luther very aptly makes the comment regarding a natural calamity, in which he bases his interpretation in harmony with the message in the Psalm stating that winds have wings. "The devil provokes such storms, but good winds are produced by good angels. Winds are nothing but spirits, either good or evil. The devil sits there and snorts, and so do the angels when the winds are salubrious"(Dolphin)."The Biblical worldview is uncompromising: God is running the world. Every atom in the universe is under His command. His Word created and sustains in Him. That is why He can assert His power and authority in such absolute terms." "I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity, I, the LORD, do all these things"(Isaiah 45:7) (Dolphin).
The creation of angels is the most speculated in the Biblical analysis; it has been referred to that angels were created during creation week after Genesis. "An Angel is a spiritual being subordinate to God, who serves at Gods command and pleasure to deliver his messages, help his people and punish his enemies" (Achtemeier). They did not exist before that, they were also the observers of the work of creation. There is deep connection between angels and stars, which further reveals that angels were created one by one, and named as all stars are named. "He determines the number of the stars, he gives to all of them their names" (Psalm 147:4) (Dolphin). Though angels belong to particular rank and order, they are not connected as a race. One fact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lucifer and Jesus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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