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Paradise Lost - Essay Example

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Name Professor Module Date Paradise Lost Christianity teaches that God created ancestors of the human species and put them in a paradise-like Garden of Eden. They had the freedom to do anything in the garden except eat fruits from one of the trees. Satan used a talking serpent to deceive the first woman (Eve) to eat the fruit…
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Paradise Lost
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Download file to see previous pages Powerful as God is, if they repented, he would have forgiven them and put things the way they previously were. God cared for man and thus immediately started the process of reclaiming His people from Satan’s grip. First were judges, kings, and prophets who were prominent leaders whose work was to convince the humankind to stop sinning and start obeying their Creator. As a last resort, God sent His son to save humankind from sins before they can join His everlasting Kingdom (Matthews & Platt 110). On the other hand, final destruction awaits those who will be sinning when the Kingdom comes. This is the story about the fall of man as Christianity tells it. The aim of this paper is to analyze the role of man in God’s eternal plan as presented by Milton in his epic book, Paradise Lost. Purpose of the Book. This book explains the origin of today’s cultures and beliefs starting with the fallout between God and one of His archangels, Lucifer. Lucifer then declared war on God, his main aim being to reclaim heaven and overthrow his Creator and Master. First, he organized his supporters among angels and then went on to recruit God’s latest creation; man to his ranks. Man fell to many of Satan’s, another of Lucifer’s aliases, tricks. ...
olism and poetry, he also portrays the underlying factors that led to the fall including; Lucifer’s rebellion, the archangel Raphael who was sent to warn Adam of the looming danger and the fight between Michael and Lucifer which led to the latter being thrown out of heaven (Matthews & Platt 111 – 112). In addition, he tells the story about the coming of Jesus and salvation of humankind. Social Sin during Birth. According to Milton, Christianity states that since the original humans sinned, we are all guilty, and have to be forgiven regardless of whether we have sinned or not. Failure to ask for forgiveness condemns humankind to destruction together with Lucifer and his comrades come the last day. Though this is the general belief, humans are not guilty at birth because it is not their fault that the original parents sinned. Earlier teachers of law who used the Torah in their teachings propagated this belief in Exodus 21. However, the truth is that people are born with the potential to do both good and evil things, and not born evil or good. A person becomes good or evil depending on the line of actions or thought they take. Freewill versus Obedience. Satan was the first angel to exercise freewill. This put Lucifer in opposition to his master, God. God’s anger at him was justified since it brought disorder in the heavenly monarch. Freewill made Lucifer do things that were against laid rules. Despite being a rebel, Satan’s resolve and reasoning is intriguing. His greatest mistake is that he used and continues to use his freewill to go against the Ruler in propagation of evil. If he had decided to have a parallel government ruled by good, maybe his master would have obliged to give him a position of power in His government. Instead, he chose to rebel which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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