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Labelling people with disabilities is still used extensively to verify those who are entitled to receive services, to communicate effectively and find a common ground for the evaluation of research findings, and to discover the specific needs of a particular group and distinguishes from those of another (Hardman, Drew & Egan, 2006)…
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Labelling people with disabilities
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Download file to see previous pages These facts are significant for there is a need to deviate from the environmental influence to change our perceptions of a person with disability. They should be considered as human beings rather than as labels. Parents should be advised that although it is good to keep their family members with disabilities at home, getting outside services and financial support for their basic needs may be limited. Organizations can influence people to respect the rights of people with disabilities and help them participate in the community through unbiased employment, easy access to public and private accommodations and services. People should know that people with disabilities have the capability to direct their own futures and participate in the community as first-class American citizens as well.
Chapter 2 focuses on the reaffirmation of the rights of students with disabilities, including the major provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, characteristics of effective special education, and the current trends in educational services and supports.
Clearly, the U.S. Supreme Court states that education is a right and not a privilege (Hardman, Drew & Egan, 2006). ...
lities, including non-discriminatory and multidisciplinary assessment, parental safeguards and involvement, individualized education program, and education in the least restrictive environment. Effective special education should have these three characteristics: intensive instruction of instructional experiences, and explicitly teaching academic, adaptive, and/or functional life skills. According to the No Child Left Behind law, the four principles for school accountability are: 1) student achievement as the primary measure of school success, 2) challenging academic standards, 3) extension of the standards to all students, and 4) heavy reliance on achievement testing.
These laws, provisions and principles are important in order to promote the rights of people with special needs in education through appropriate programs, services and instruction. Teachers should aim to provide instruction that caters to the students' needs, interests, abilities, and skills. They should also provide practical skills that foster students' participation and involvement in family, school and community life. Most importantly, they should be able to look at students with and without disabilities equally, regardless of the severity of the disability, economic status, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.
Timeline of Significant Events in the History of Special Education
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According to Hallahan (2000), exceptional children are always present but Special Education services are not. It was only in the late 18th Century that effective procedures were developed for training exceptional children.
The diagram outlines six major events in the history of Special Education. In early B.C, special children were considered as cursed, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Labelling People With Disabilities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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