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To be labeled or not be labeled - Essay Example

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Anita Ho has discussed in her article, the loopholes of our society, which categories children in the context of 'disabled' without investigating the haphazard and after effects. No doubt, Anita Ho is right in blaming the society with respect to legislation, biological and mainstream education, but the point of concern lies with the notion that if society instead of treating such children 'disabled' consider them as normal, then what would be the course of action Would then such children be able to grasp the key concepts as that of normal children Anita Ho mentions in her article that such children when fitted in the box of 'disabled' are considered as 'outsider' regarding mainstream educatio…
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To be labeled or not be labeled
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Extract of sample "To be labeled or not be labeled"

Download file to see previous pages Disability, in itself reflects a social attitude of a child in terms of those ways in which he reacts towards his social circle. So, it is not just 'being labeled a child' as Anita Ho describes but it is all about 'labeling a child according to his attitude or mental capabilities and it is necessary so that a child bears no more trouble in getting up to the expectations of his family, friends and teachers, because it is also seen in umpteen cases that teachers unconsciously builds too much of expectations from a child, to which a child is also aware of and when he assumes that he fail to fulfill their expectations, he emotionally gets disturbed. So, it is better to label children than to outrage their personalities due to too many expectations.
contact with them including family and friends. ...
His family of course has built up many high hopes with his educational carrier. What if despite knowing his mental capability he fails to get up to his family and teacher's expectation Well, I think this would bring him feelings of guilt and embarrassment, which is too much of considering him as 'labeled'.
Mother is the closest personality to a child, and as mentioned by Niedecken (2003) she is bound to fulfill the nameless anxieties. In the attempt to bind these anxieties, the mother develops some phantasies around her child, which later take the form of unintentional expectations. These expectations do not allow her to get her child exposed to the outer world of hate and sympathy. So, it is already difficult for mothers to find a way of giving expression to negative feelings towards their child, feelings that are generated by a situation that demands so many sacrifices from them for the child's sake. So it is especially difficult when the mother sees herself confronted with a situation in which she has to protect her child from the animosity of an environment, which is hostile towards people with learning disabilities. (Niedecken, 2003, p. 72) In these circumstances it is better to be labeled among other 'labeled' children than to be a victim of hate of the outer 'unlabeled' world.
3) Anita Ho is right about the perception usually adopted by the gatherings of a 'labeled'
child as the label simply covers all his capabilities due to which he is not considered as a 'normal' or 'winning' personality. Niedecken (2003) while highlighting one of the main causes of learning disability suggests that it is in fact created in a child by adopting all those ways and measures due to which a child ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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To Be Labeled or Not Be Labeled Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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