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Children Development - Essay Example

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Corey Worthington's story can be considered as an example of teenage escapades that most adolescents engage in nowadays. People are having contradicting views and reactions regarding Corey's case. Using Adler's concepts, it is helpful to analyze the personality and behavior of Corey Worthington for better understanding.
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Children Development

Download file to see previous pages... Freud offered the hope of being able to endure and live without fear of one's unconscious conflicts, but he never offered freedom from them. (Adler, 1957)
Corey, using Adler's concepts, may become aware of their deepest impulses and fictional finalism and, with conscious intent, create his own personalities and lifestyles to achieve the highest goals. In the end, Adler's position was almost the complete antithesis of Freud's which emphasized that behavior is largely determined by forces we are unaware of. (Adler, 1957)
By restoring consciousness to the center of personality, Adler aroused Freud's ire. For Freud, Adler espoused the illusion he had sought to destroy. (Bruck, 1978) In the case of Corey, his actions is a result of his decisions which he made with his awareness of the possible consequences as well as the implications that may be brought about by his deeds
Feelings of inferiority. All children start life with feeling of inferiority because they are completely dependent on adults for survival. This feeling of being weak, inferior, and impotent stimulates an intense desire to seek power, thereby overcoming the feelings of inferiority. (Adler, 1957)
"The final goal is a fictional creation of the individual--an imagined ideal situation of perfection, completion, or overcoming. Movement toward the final goal is motivated by a striving to overcome the feelings of inferiority. Although the final goal represents a subjective, fictional view of the future, it is what guides the person in the present." (Adler, 1933)
In relation to this concept, Corey is an adolescent, 16 years of age, who wants to express freedom and power through his independence from the restrictions set by his parents. He wanted to feel responsible by being able to make decisions on his own without consulting his parents first. It is possible that Corey felt inferior when his parents are around due to the fact that he knows that he is completely dependent on them when it comes to finances and other aspects.
To be able to cope with the inferiority complex that Corey is feeling and also in constructing his own final goal, the guidance and affection of the family and the siblings are important for the experiences that he have will shape him to the person he wants himself to be. It has often been said that the adolescent stage in life span is a turbulent stage wherein there are a lot of changes occurring physically, emotionally, mentally and socially in a teenager. (Davidson, 1991) Adolescents, like Corey, needs to count on to others such as his family for understanding and educating him the values and beliefs that will encourage cooperation, independence and interdependence. If there is a lack of family influence in the life of Corey, his feelings of inferiority becomes exaggerated.
It was also mentioned that the first social interaction starts during infancy which involves the mother and the baby. The influence that the mother has on a child should be remarkable for it is critical in establishing the basic social connections of the baby's life. (Bruck, 1978) The relationship that Corey has with his mother should be analyzed to check if he is receiving adequate amount of support and guidance to enable him to fulfill the three tasks of life according to Adler which are work, community and love.
Since the home is the place where he and his family are often confined ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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