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Alfred Adlers Individual Psychology - Research Paper Example

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This research paper "Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology" explores how had Alfred Adler advanced the theory after he had separated from Sigmund Freud who by then was advocating for psychoanalytic theory. The theory bases its argument on an understanding that an individual is indivisible…
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Alfred Adlers Individual Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages This is in order to seek for principles of social equality as well as the democratic living.
However, when one does not yearn for full personal development and the enthusiasm to assist in the development of other individuals, such a person feels inferior or develops a feeling of superiority to other individuals, and which might result in the provocation of fellow beings (Adler, 2011). The feeling of superiority may contribute to self-centered behavior, thus may make a person become materially or emotionally exploitative to fellow human beings. However, when the sensation of willingness as well as connectedness becomes stronger, it enhances the experience or emergence of equality, and this may make the person self-transcending, grows to be public-minded while behaving more valuable to fellow individuals (Adler, 2011).
The primary feelings of inferiority entail feelings of smallness, dependency, and weakness. These function as the motivational factors for development. However, a toddler might experience abnormal sensations of inferiority due to psychological difficulties, poor parenting or due to economic or cultural obstacles (Slavik & Carlson, 2006).
Conversely, the secondary feeling of inferiority occurs in adults’ sensation of insufficiency due to the adoption of impossible compensatory or idealistically high goals, more so that of perfection. An individual in this situation witnesses a lesser or greater level of agony with regard to his or her perception about the closeness to the desired goal (Slavik & Carlson, 2006). Consequently, an inferiority complex occurs due to a deep sensation of inferiority, which might result in pessimistic resignation and the tacit inability to surmount challenges.
According to Adler, every human being strives to shift from a sensation of inferiority to that of significance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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