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An investigatin into the brand identity of fashion concessions in UK department store - Essay Example

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All these factors or elements have become a necessary force among consumers lately so that all of these have, for both business managers and consumers,…
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An investigatin into the brand identity of fashion concessions in UK department store
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Extract of sample "An investigatin into the brand identity of fashion concessions in UK department store"

Download file to see previous pages This research, using primary and secondary data analysis shall use extensive research on fashion, retailing, host and concessionaire relations, branding design, and factors that inter-relate in all these aspects. The data to be gathered shall try to answer brand identification of fashion concessions in UK department store. Other related data shall also be presented.
This study shall unravel the making of an association of quality service and products in a prestigious London department store with the stores design aspects, consumer behaviour as well as the concessionaire and host relationship built.
Branded products are in demand. The brand-consciousness of consumers is continually growing within the fashion industry. (Gretz, 2000) Many fashion brands have been considering setting up department store concessions to fulfill the brand demand of their customers.
Concessions are a way of allowing a retailer to extend the product range offered within the outlet without experiencing some of the risks associated with buying merchandise. The basis of a concession, which may be referred to as a ‘shop-in-shop’, is that a retailer allows a supplier of a particular brand of merchandise a designated amount of space within an outlet from which those goods are sold. (Varley, 2001, p112)
With this study, researcher was able to gain in-depth knowledge on the relations between fashion branding and host-concessionaire as may be both perceived in visual store and product design or display. Among other things, the research also found out these attributes are not surprisingly absent in the chosen department store or retail outlet for this study. In fact, the department store have presented more than what is necessary or has been studied about the subject matter, or that, it exceeded expectation to a certain degree, it being a premier and prestigious ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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