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Psychology (Work motivation) - Essay Example

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This paper tells that work motivation has been one of the major issues affecting the performances of most companies. The success of any business depends largely on the willingness of the employee to work and cooperate towards the achievement of the business goal and objectives…
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Psychology (Work motivation)
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Extract of sample "Psychology (Work motivation)"

College: PSYCHOLOGY Work Motivation Work motivation has been one of the major issues affecting the performances of most companies and all work places in the world, generally, the success of any business depends largely on the willingness of the employee to work and cooperate towards the achievement of the business goal and objectives. (Truma, 1999, p.13)
Truman (1999, p.13) argued that, the good morale of work force enhances the profitability of the business. This is so because, people work under minimum supervision thus increasing productivity of the business enterprises.
According to Truman (1999 p.16) work motivation is defined as "process to organize employee to the work goal through a specific path." It is a way of making people have an inner urge towards achieving the objectives of the company. Work motivation involves building a good morale in away that enables one to cope with unpleasantness and hardship of the job. The morale of workers may be affected by many factors arising from the business or employers themselves. For example, all workers in any organization need to feel highly appreciated while at their work place. They need to feel as if they are assets and a crucial thing in business enterprise. Therefore, the employers are required to do things with proper explanation to the employees. For example, if employer wants the employee to shift from one job to another, he should kindly make a request for that and not act in impolite manner. Exercising courtesy at work place makes employees feel honored and appreciated and this enhances their morale towards their work.
Work motivation builds a conducive environment for employees to work with; it makes work crazy, fun and enjoyable. This automatically makes people come to work not just because they want money but because they want to work and add value in the business. Besides motivation makes work more rewarding. There are several ways by which employer can make work more pleasing to his/her employees. Giving a credit and recognition to what they do and what they are capable of doing makes employees feel they have done something worth hence makes them to work harder.(Truman,1999 p.78)
Good organizational structure in terms of communication framework contributes to the morale of employees. The flow of information from the top to the bottom should be smart. This makes it easier for employees who shy away from giving out their views and opinions to the company do it hence being advantageous to the company. Avoiding intimidation at work place boost the morale of people.For example, a threat of being fired incase of poor performance builds a very unconducive atmosphere for employers to work in. Besides, low paying and short term jobs discourages employees and thus end up not performing well. Giving bonus and holding seminars encourages employees to work effectively. Many people like their jobs, hence with less intimidation, hard jobs can be bearable. People need to feel needed, motivation enable people to feel crucial, vital and wanted within the organization. . (Truman, 1999 p.78)
Employees need to work in organization in which they can grow and mature in their career. They need an atmosphere for personal growth, it is important to understand that mood adjust itself to fit the intended benefits of the company. Threats within the work place make people run away from their job and also ignorance may result due to resentment, this affects their psychology and readiness to do their jobs. . (Truman, 1999 p.78)
Truman B. (1999) claimed that it is not only the financial incentives that make workers put more effort to their work but also the conducive working environment. A bad mood, embarrassment and accidents free zones creates a good atmosphere to work in, these motivates workers thus increasing productivity and profitability of the business enterprise.
Truman, B. (1999). Labour Markets and Macro economics. Micro Economic Perspectives."
Conference held at the Federal Research bank at St Louis. October 22 - 23, 1998 Read More
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(Psychology (Work Motivation) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Psychology (Work Motivation) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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